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There are plenty of times that, you know, an anchor, whether white or not, talks about other food. Yes. So, anyway, it's interesting. Yes. The cool thing is the hashtag very Asian. Yes. Trend has begun. Yeah. Michelle Lee is capitalizing off of that. And I believe donate, I have to double check, but I think she's donating some of the proceeds from various groups. We'll find the link and send it because it's cool to have a shirt that hashtag variation. Yeah. And also to make something good out of something that was kind of insane. Yeah. Making lemonade. Yeah. Yeah. So let's switch to some good news. Because we deserve that, don't we? Yeah. Yeah. American girls and we're talking about the very popular dolls. Not a guilty pleasure. I had two daughters, so I know exactly what they are. In the past, this line of dolls has not always been praised for their diversity. Nope. For the first time ever, their girl of the year doll is Chinese American. Careen tan, a Chinese American skier. In the press release, they stated, quote, we created karine to be or corinne. I don't know. Corinne trencher. It sounds cool saying it that way. Yeah. Okay, we created Korean to be a positive role model. Our fans can look up to and learn from as we all work toward a world where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. There have been a few other Asian American dolls created in the past and maybe we'll do segment on those ones, including Jess, the biracial Japanese American girl of the year doll in 2006, which, wow, 15 years between. Dolls of Asian descent. That's big. Yeah. But corinne marks the first Chinese American girl of the year doll, which is pretty cool. They're also working with author Wendy WAN Shang to create two books on the character. It's all about feeling seen and normalizing Asian Pacific Americans in this country..

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