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You doing buddy good thank you i just wanted to call up and say let's just the same mccoy play out with the cops and everything i am not calling about that what i wanted to know what what do you think about the special teams i mean when i was growing up in the nineties and everything special teams the super bowl i don't care what they didn't get you to the superbowl they were part of a team that was great on both offense and defense that got you to a super bowl right they were a very big part of it they did not get to the super bowl in the ninety s i apologize for what i'm saying we got a good enough special teams sheer maybe win a game here and there mike i don't know here's the best way i can say that special teams are becoming increasingly less and less important in this game it really is i mean they're taking they're taking kickoffs out in punts are fair caught more often it seems like they're just changing rules except for you know two point conversions and moving the extra point back which i think are valuable aspects they have a very good kicker but i think we're way we don't know you know who makes special teams good the guys who aren't your starters and we don't know who those are until we get out of camp also you not even gonna know until you get to camp of course you wouldn't how would you know who's on your special teams units until you know who makes the team oh okay all right thanks mike i hate that wow we are one and a half for two or we're a half for two so far let's go to mike another mike in jamestown mike you're born on friday the thirteenth my screen says all right scariest movies when i was a kid oh yeah do you remember when the vampire kid came to the window and tapping oh my god did every kid in america not have nightmares after that exactly right i won't watch the movie for fear it won't be as scary i want the memory to be that scary i gotcha what about villain slasher movie villain you got one that's like the best may be all time qualifiers the bad guy for me oh yeah dude yeah i know i know exactly you're talking about that's an interesting one all right mike i appreciate it enjoy your friday the thirteenth that's not your birthday today you didn't say but you were born on a friday the thirteenth so we got one in twelve chance here that it's your birthday today because today is a thirteenth so it is happy birthday of not happy whatever month of your birthday it is we're gonna take a timeout when we come back local defense attorney michael di meco is going to join me custom along hi it's jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave a message at the hey jamie it's me jamie this is your daily pep talk i know it's been rough going ever since people found out about.

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