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Show Chris guys looking at which tight end travis. Kelsey the George Kittles can have a bigger impact in your mind in super bowl fifty four right now travis. Kelsey forty three percent George. biddle leads the way fifty seven percents kill didn't do a thing in the NFC champ again but the Needham now they didn't catch one until the fourth quarter when things were potentially just needing to be put away because Green Bay had made a little bit of a run to make it a score game that it's one of those things they can get off the field here. Perhaps there's something that could be made afoot right but Kit will just came across the middle and and it was one of those like wh. Where's that been all game? Oh yeah they didn't need it up until this very moment so you know but Kelsey is the guy that you know if you need to make sure that hills not beating you Kelsey can be doubled in hill can get double. Does that mean somebody else's GonNa do something that's why I think Damien Williams is so important and the number of times that you hear about Bob. This defensive line one thing that hasn't been hit yet and I'm you know imagine As we matriculate are way down our guest lists with people like Barry Sanders Zain Ladainian Tomlinson and Saquon. Barkley alone coming here on Wednesday show and then Mooch will be here on our Thursday show and he knows Andy Reid so well at screen game of Kansas City is so good it is so very good in the not just because of Mahomes and selling it they they can they can scheme it. They can hide it. They can make anything. Look like something other than screen and then hit you with a screen and in and they have several guys who they can use Indian screen. I know you can do it with Kelsey Damian Williams. We haven't even mentioned with Shawn McCoy who has hasn't seen much of a role the postseason but is well rested and knows Andy Reid Whitewell so if these guys on that gold crush line while you know start start pending their ears back going hunting. I mean what what better way to hit somebody then with the screen. Certainly if they're trying to hunt to make sure that Mahomes uh-huh can't stand back there and throw you know the deep ball and Celsius so good at that too I'm just wondering if if Damien Williams can run it and they requiring them to choose only one player if this is the way they can do it with a scheme and with the run game they have to choose only one player to double. You'd have hard to think it would be tyreek hill which opens up for sale C. N.. Kelsey I mean again. I don't I want to get too far ahead of this. You know where I'm standing on the subject of Mahomes I'm I am particularly keen on him and it's going to be very difficult for for me to not just throw myself full head over heels into the this is the mahomes moment but I've been saying that for a few days and I will continue to run this marathon not sprint in that direction just yet. Let's get to Chris Brockman News Update Bronco by our friends at the twenty twenty Honda Ridge. Line the perfect combination of brains and brawn. That looks as good as your long. So Hurry into your Honda dealer today and see the brilliance of this amazing truck for yourself on with a report of the day's news from the world of sports and entertainment. Someone who is not a journalist or newsman. By any definition of the word Word Chris for what do you have over there all right well. Kobe Bryant was on a lot of guys minds last night at NFL media night the night started with a moment of silence. and Richard Sherman was asked about how he lives his own. Mamba mentality really said yesterday and this morning I was I was Kinda down. I was in the dumpster and then I just thought about what he would tell me. You know what I mean. Tell me stop being a baby in man up and play it and do it in his honor and when his game forum. And and that's what we're GONNA try to do. You know we're GONNA I'M GONNA go out there and try to try to play play. Some dominating baugh dislike. He wanted you.

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