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Eighty okay. M K, x x y FM ninety six point one eight hundred eighty two overflow almost eighty. Governor, Kevin instead takes a look at storm damage. Good morning, I'm Jacqueline Scott indicate he okay news center flood warning in effect until early this afternoon. Our forecast is coming up. The governor takes a tour of weather ravaged areas. Katie, okay. Jim Forsyth reports governor, Kevin stood says he saw widespread damage yesterday while on aerial tour of towns, including Mangum, Kingfisher, and El Reno. He says, farmers were especially hard hit. They were just celebrated a crop announcement that eight percent of their crops were good. Excellent. And they were literally days away from harvesting, and now we're waiting on the assessment to see what type of damage was lost. He says, he's especially worried about the possibility of Bahrain in the forecast, he plans to survey damage in Tulsa, and northeast Oklahoma this morning State Department of emergency management director, Mark. Our says so far twenty nine counties have been impacted by severe storms and flooding. The past two days on Monday, we had five confirmed tornadoes. And on Tuesday, we had six confirmed, tornadoes, starting as early as almost four AM. So we're up to confirm total of eleven tornadoes in the last two days, and with it significant flooding. He says there have been numerous water rescues from severe flooding, and we'll probably see more until flood waters subside. And speaking of flooded Arcadia, lake in Edmond is closed because of flooding that includes all the public access parks and the spring creek walking trail right now. The lake elevation is twelve feet above normal roadways, campsites and docks are in excessive the closures expected to last at least two weeks, a woman jumps into the water to help a driver whose car plunged into the Oklahoma canal near the boat house district last night. I just couldn't sit and watch the cargo under without trying to do something. But I wasn't strong enough to pull the door open. That's what seventy page told news four witnesses say the car was driving erratically over a bridge, then it left the road, went through a fence down a hill and into the water. The driver was unconscious when first responders pulled him out of the car, he was taken to a hospital. The state Senate has approved the eight point one billion dollar budget Bill that funds state agencies for next fiscal year puts about two hundred million dollars into savings. That's something that state Senator Roger Thompson of oak. Kema says is crucial to avoid future budget cuts. We decried whenever we had to cut education and the other agencies because we had not prepared for it..

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