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Morgan. Number two Chick-fil-A is offering heart-shaped nugget boxes for Valentine's Day. I'm into that. It's not a bad idea. Even just for me. You know, I was by the way, it's a great story. Wait anything else inside of that or the nuggets hardships? They're not, but there's thirty chicken nuggets or ten mini sandwiches, and it's only about eighteen bucks. So that is kind of perfect for a guy. That's a great gift from a girl chicken is any chocolate. Is that right? Have you heard that or Jamaican that up in the article? Aw. We're going to give you a wise. Though. That's funny. I know my husband really, you're the best wife ever if I gave him chicken many biscuits for breakfast in a heart shaped box that Chick-fil-A bread with the biscuit. So good. It's so good one of my friends as much for the first time in the northeast and never been to one. And it was like I think it's overrated. I was like I don't think you understand what she plays about. Correct. It's the best cheap quality even can be healthy from the nicest people, they're not trying to claim that the absolute best food period ever. But powerful pal it's the best. It's fast food. It's. Number two. Thank you. And that's food world Morgan number two. Food world with Morgan number two. Now, let's keep it romantic beautiful crazy from Luke combs starts to show today. Bobby bones? Days. Dan's weird. So she's never.

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