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Surrounding those loved ones that are in cost right and they wanna know stuff that people don't tell them i do i don't hold back i i give you know these families and the group members all that it is that they need to be able to you know have a peaceful night sharon you are remarkable thank you i really appreciate coming on the show to share your story with us you heard share talk that just saw catering if you need a caterer for anything go to the website go to jessore catering dot com and check it out she will work within your budget and she will serve you some of that amazing food that she talked about we're going to sit around and need some cheese because we have our new sponsor emmy there are only three cheeses on that play i know you do five cheese maccarone sorry i feel like i'm not quite showing the hospitality i should have showed us so that next time you come here and have six jesus maybe come up brings a macaroni who that is macaroni and cheeses like my favorite food group so i would never say no to that but i hope you come back on the show and talk more and as you get a reentry rocks and you're you're culinary training programme off the ground yes we would love to hear more about that wonderful thank you fateh so thanks for coming out when you're so busy all right before we go don't forget our brooklyn events check out her instagram account for more details end if a speaking of jobs if any of you are looking for jobs we have to jobless thanks to tell you about the saint jane hotel in chicago is looking for an executive chef if you are interested in learning more d m them on instagram and smith canteen my place in carl gardens is looking for a baker you can d m me at carry bomb or d m smith canteen for more information.

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