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At how well he has played. What look his numbers are better than lonzo's already lonzo's averaging thirteen and a half points lamelo averaging twelve lamelo averages and he's playing fewer minutes than lonzo lamelo averaging five rebounds to lonzo's four and a half lamelo average and five assists lonzo four and a half the mellow shooting better from the free throw line. There's the same from the field forty percent both of them and then from three lamelo. Thirty four percent lonzo's thirty three percent so and he remembers coming off the bench. And that's i do like that. He is coming off the bench. Like i didn't want charlotte to just hand them. The keys they got. Terry rozier who's bettered in Lamelo at this point. They got devante. Graham who had a great season last year eighteen points. I think five or six. You know when you have rounded player that high though you expect in big rights and i get it online. And that's why i like the. They're making him earn his minutes. You know they're not just given and they're a bad team to your point but that they because of that you would think they might just throw him out there. Starting playing thirty five minutes a night. You know what i mean. Let him just do whatever he wants. And that's not happening. Which i think is good for him. Because i think maybe he could learn. We had to kind of play some serious basketball. I'm curious as to what people think what they've seen so far how far lonzo's star has dimmed not that he can't be a decent right. He's a legitimate players. I'm not saying that right but when you look here member. Who was ned. Dr deer fox deer foxes playing like an all star and deanne fox. Who killed him in college number. And we've said if his dad lavar was a normal dad where you didn't know who he was he didn't say anything. I think the lakers would have been more apt. Take the air and then lonzo. Because i dare killed him in in in college. I thought it was at a tournament game. What was it. He was a moral game. One time. lonzo didn't play your some. They play twice. I think in the season. If i'm not mistaken lonzo sat out one or two games. But yeah are the air and is looks like the better player for sure at this point but lonzo solid but like you said. His dad's mouth helped him get drafted. Second by the lakers and they all hurt that it put a target on his back from fans the media and other players and then magic did worse. He double down. George is going to be in the rafters next to. I make chris. You remember your shot the best boy ghar ever. You said this dude. Go break your records. You know so i look lonzo. I think wants to play in peace. He is on a good team. But let's see if they can start winning. But i think he could be a part of you know if they build something special in new orleans. I think he could be a part of it but again is disconcerting at. He's only at four and a half assists. I'm sorry that i that's not a good look so all right. Let's go out the number eight seven seven ninety nine on fox. Eight seven seven nine nine six sixty three sixty nine which ball brother and liangelo not in the question between level mellow and lonzo ball brother. Do you think will have the better career lamelo or turned away with. Chris arrived the couple of fox sports radio. Be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app whether you're a resolution person or not it doesn't matter miller lite with great sason. Just ninety six calories will be there to help you enjoy some much-needed miller time whether you're meeting new goals just making it to the weekend. Twenty twenty didn't set the bar too high for what counts improvement. 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The problem with that is that you don't have a choice if you're going to get sick or not and maybe you won't get sick but you don't have a choice as to who you'll in fact and we don't have a choice if they'll die or their live. That's fianna tulip agreeing daughter. Who lost her mother to covid. Nineteen fianna wants to make sure her mother a latina. Frontline worker from texas is more than just a number scrolling on the news feed. We've got to think about the people who are working and risking their lives to save our lives and we have to remember that. We don't have a choice into how this virus ax. We can't choose whether infects us in fact someone else and we can't choose if we stay alive or we die. I'm justin beck founder and ceo of contact world listening to contact world the podcast on the iheartradio app. Or wherever. you get your podcasts. It is the couple on a funky. Flashback friday and we are too hot to try. That's right too hot to trot cruise. Bruce either rob parker and look folks business day. It moves faster than ever and if you slow to adapt. Well you won't get left behind. I'm sorry i don't know what to tell you. Actually i do know what to tell you. If you still running on things like quick books well make a change. It's time to hit the gas and accelerate move to net. Sweet let net sweet show you how it benefits your business with a free product tour at next week dot com slash od nets we dot com slash od. You're turned away at eight seven ninety nine on fox which ball brother lamelo or lonzo will have the better. Nba career. Your turn away in andrei massachusetts. Your first couple fox sports radio. What's up padre going on guys. Happy friday thanks for taking the call favorite lonzo over lamelo based off the fact that feel better defender and a better rebound but at the end of the day. I think it's going to be immaterial because the clear plan. And i'm seeing from the ball. Brothers eight to play together. I think lonzo signing with klutch sports opting not to sign him extension to wait until free agency. I think that he is going to push to try to get paired up with his brother had planned the same team. And i think that's when you'll see the best of you my man but stop it. Stop lots. He got that kind of juice. Lebron james really. He'd better take what he can. Get your chris stop. It demanded where he's going to go. Please i may i look. He's a legitimate in. Be a player and starter but to think lonzo is going to be determining him and his brother going to play to get no and they're going to force the other brother in the league. Chris why say oh. We take a whole narrative right hook line and sinker. I mean don't even need to play together. They're both way on this right doing it now. That's that's ridiculous better than that man. Come on george. In gainesville. Florida couple of fox..

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