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This is not hit by. This is not good but it is good bye for now and it's the right thing to do. I like you believe in the future. This company I like you respect the day at work that WWe superstar. It's to every single time they step into the ring and wrestlemanias spots should be earned not demanded this betting on the future. This you wrestlemainia goes on without John and then right after that so Johnson is saying I'm I'm I'm done. You know the Wrestlemainia should be about the youth. I don't you don't just demand the spot on Wrestlemainia you earn your spot now. What is the whole story bit about with the Fienberg? Getting back at all the people that have wronged him John. Cena would never go after defeating Bray wide if the fiend. Bray wide had that championship John. Cena said it. It's not for him. It's for everybody else then. Earned a spot so he's certainly not going to go after a title but now it's a completely different story. Why because all you to do is go back to wrestlemainia thirty. John Cena Beats Bray Wyatt and that started the decline of Bray Wyatt. There's just story. He couldn't do it with the championship so he sacrificed that championship. Because he knew Johnson a goody goody two shoes whenever challenging him for that championship so I gotta get rid of this and now I finally have Johnson aware I want him at Tampa for Wrestlemainia. Thirty six in the past fifteen minutes of this show if you did not get it before and still do not get it. You are the problem people we have just mapped it out to you. We have just given you the story that will and should unfold the story that Bray told you by standing up after the Jackhammer the story that Bray told you on social media the story that John told you in his promo the story that Dave just told you dating back to Wrestlemainia thirty. This is what was supposed to happen. This the fiend losing Goldberg works for everybody. It benefits everybody and hopefully your ignorance is not blinding you. So many people were up in arms about it and you know what it's okay if you were up in arms about it but can now sit back and go on now. I get it. That's cool man. Good I'm glad you did it now but if you still don't get it. I don't know what it's going to take for people to understand that the storytelling means more than a championship around the fiends. Waste THAT. He didn't need in the first place bullying our two. And we're talking about E W revolution and you're talking about certain spots that bothered you in that match and I said you know what went right over my head because I was enjoying it and you said you got 'cause 'cause you got your head so stuck up cody's ass that was you saying look like a wick the fuck up like come on and wake up. Look at this. I'm telling you this respond to what I'm telling you. It's exactly what you're telling the. Wwe Universe right now and you did too. Yes because the stories right there. It's plain as day. It's read out for you and you know what again the wwe wins. Because if you're so angry about Goldberg winning they want you to Boo Goldberg at Wrestlemainia thirty six. They win at that too because they want Roman to be that baby face except champion that you never have accepted him debate. Now you finally will. Because they're putting him in the ring with Goldberg. The guy that you absolutely right now so in the eyes of the WWE. It's a win win. Situation for them in Tampa and if you are a fan or a wrestler or a veteran or an absolute anybody out there who's listening that does not agree. Please call in the show. We would be more than happy to debate you on. Why taking the championship off of the fiend was the absolute right. Call THE FIEND. Standing up tells you everything you need to know. And if you don't believe it read his tweet he called it. A sacrifice means the finish. Didn't mean shit to him. Go ahead hit me with your half ass. Jackhammer debt this championship away from me. I don't want anymore. It's holding me back. It's holding me back from the one person I need to find. I need to hunt and I need to avenge and it's John Sina from Wrestlemainia Thirty. And what are we getting? Now come on people wake up. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by nation channel and fifty-six busted open podcast..

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