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Yeah I gotta run. I'll talk to you soon. Stay safe and well take care. Bye I am Leo. Laporte the tech. I normally this time we visit with our photo Guy Chris. This week and last week to Chris was in or is in Ethiopia but fortunately thanks to the miracle of magnetic tape or hard drives or something. I don't know what we have been able. Who RECORD OUR SEGMENT WITH CHRIS? Mark Water Photo Guy before he leaves for Ethiopia. Hello Chris and you haven't recorded to magnetic tape in age. In fact we met the first time we met at a podcast with a very first podcast. Expos you record in an interview with me on your phone which I don't think had taken it either on Nokia Ninety nine something like that. It was one of the first camera phones before the iphone and it had It looks like a video recorder. It did and it had a computer built in. And that was it. You could edit video on it. Which is kind of revolutionary and yes I did interview you and the old and you didn't read the answer my questions you were only asking if you could have the full amount that now I have. I don't want it anymore in my closet. My ninety five right back here. We have one of those showcases with old cameras here. Yeah Yeah it's fun. What are you going to do with the old junk? I mean Especially if you wait too long to sell it. It's not worth anything so it makes good set. That's my museum exactly. Yeah I see a few things behind you is that. Do you still use that view? Camera on the on the stick spine. Oh Yes yes yes. That is still serve of of thing. That and it's amazing. Even hold workshops with it about. It is just a good teacher film. Photography is a great teacher our digital prints. So what should we talk about today? Well guess what I I think. A while ago started the tradition of the little. Abc assignments. I brought another one another little sinement. So everyone was listening can get those juices flowing and and do a little little exercise to to keep taffy going. This is not. Do Not Confuse this with our monthly assignment that we do. This is just like a little Fun and it really. Everything is just about getting out there and take pictures. That's what any sort of yeah so. Abc assignment again. One with a letter being woman. See the first one. Eight is the N. T. assignment find opposites. That's what it's about all right. Fine fine things that are opposite sides of the spectrum this could be colored it could be black and white This could be round and square or an appointee smooth or old and new or hot and cold contrast contrast and then then the the artist to include those together in the same. I love that that's going to be fun and and it's a challenge. It's a bit of a challenge but once you once you start thinking once you program your mind to think in a certain way you will find these things you will. You'll program yourself with a pattern and and you will see these things and when you see them then try to find a good way to get those in a shot together. And then share them. On our flicker group we have true little little Discussion threads about these things and I I will certainly when I come back. Certainly look at them and see if I find any so our moderator. It's at the Tech Guy. Group on flicker DOT COM will. Rene Silverman will set up a little anti an anti group. Abc Group for this weekend You can also I gotta find some anti pictures. That's an interesting idea. I like that so that was a B B and this is more of a technical exercise or slightly technical exercise It doesn't really matter what camera you use could be. Smart Point could be a DSL are or anything in between The thing is it's about exposure. It's about getting that. Brightness and exposure rights. So what I want you to just find something bright and then lately with the exposure because I mean here. Here's what you would often do. You pointed let's say at a light source of something you point to smartphone camera added and then you tap on that thing and that sets the focus but it also sets the brightness and often go to dark so what I want to do to to correct that exposure make that bright thing really look bright and on a smartphone. That could be as easy as like if you tap on something. And then you get this circa square rounded and then there's a little sun I can next to it when you slide that up and down you can change that exposure make it bright on your Merida's camera could go and do exposure compensation of upwards to make that thing look bright and don't be afraid of overexposure in that context. 'cause that's often the the photo geeks kind of try do not overexposed things have detailing everything but that right and there's nothing wrong with getting some strong overexposure picture that could help you tell a story that could help convey a feeling that you want to break brightness plays for brightness brightness and see another creative one the clear assignment find something clear to shoot through and that was kind of inspired by the You know I wasn't Siberia in February and Lake Baikal frozen. We had a lot of ice and a lot of like plates of ice that you could shoot through so that was kind of the inspiration for that. So find something transparent. I mean you could be ice probab- unlikely of depending on where you live could be Delaski. It'd be plastic. Could be anything that you can shoot through and play with that and then bonus points or including a reflection so like with glass for example you can shoot. What's behind the glass? And at the same time you can shoot what's reflected in the classic. Shoot two things at the same time in one single shot. So that's the clearest layer as for Auntie do opposites in one shot be is for brightness. Play with the exposure. Something break make it look? Make make the bright thing look bright. That's what that's what sometimes over and see is for clear which always is a challenge. It is right isn't it? Because I mean I've seen some really amazing photos where where people work with several layers which is by the way when you do reflections in and what's behind it you add layers to a photo and that that's what makes it interesting and This could also be a hint for our current like month. The assignment that will review here on the show and that is the layers assignment is going on. See how see how I did? However couple more weeks to get your layer shot into our tech guy group Rene Silverman our moderator. It's on flicker dot com a free photo sharing site. Join Flicker if you not all remember them. Sign up for the group and if you're going to submit of course tag your submission T. G. for tech guy t g layers so that Chris can find them in pick three. Maybe next week or the week after we'll have little photo review. Meanwhile Chris I shot this entire show on my end ninety three Nokia cameras. So we'RE GONNA we're have the video available though or not. I don't think I could charge this thing if I wanted to play. It's fun to have greedy dead battery Eh. Carl Zeiss Lens though. That's not too bad and it did really do the job I mean I did. I did a little video project back then and I edited video snippets on that and I uploaded them to a server from the. Wow we're laughing about this with our smartphones. But this was really kind of a revolutionary device any any smartphones in your movable battery. But you know it doesn't have the headphone Jack what what's true. They must add some courage and they made this thing. It really is has that old Nokia Keyboard. It's funny yeah I really did want it to when I first saw it from Chris. Martin Chris Thank you so much have a great time in Ethiopia. That is that is going to be a lot of fun. Chris's workshops are featured at discover the top floor DOT COM and. We'll look for your pictures about eighth. E there. And on flicker at flicker dot com slash Louis. And you'd be you safe travels. Chris will see next week. He'll be back live with us. Leon reports so Dr Mom. You like you like this one I don't think this was actually a fat quarter. I accidentally ordered a bunch of ten by tens. I think this might have been from the fact quarter the one I did You saw yesterday was from a quarter and yeah I mean this was pretty well sewn but the it's too narrow I think I don't know and this has biased tape also for the loops so you go like this..

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