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He was angry as i am just wondering uh bitcoin but too little bitcoin since i get they asked every day out it's really slowed down uh you were at the g btc which had 35 23 has been cut in half just about fifty percent down from about five weeks ago i'm not sure the exact bitcoin price 'cause i couldn't care less but i have an idea of some of the other coins are down seventy percent and again i'm told this 1300 a fourteen of 1500 in it it's tarling than to a one big giant shamen scam a lot of these coins are just made up out of thin air just the follow and you know what have something called ripple came out is down like eighty percent and the guy you won't the ripplewood it it was worth thala or than mark zuckerberg not anymore and the fact is he can't sell or go down zero so and of course all the stocks that we were laughing at on this show and begging you that'd be new pleading with you they're all down seventy five percent with one that went from ten dollars to one hundred sixty stopped trading and it's never going to open up again every time loss sec claim and just said har wa and it there has to be a lesson.

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