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Awesome but i do thing and i know jeff koons listens to this pod jeff just one of you j chemtech sculptures of our sent in gonna soroush kissing on the mouth because to love to love is between moscow in my in my mind slightly less question who do them replace them with david the number of people who i talked to about it and they're just saying anyone to brendan rodgers that terrified brendan rodgers ping then you manager but it's very hard it almost has to be someone who is a continental manager who seems incredibly sophisticated but no one really knows anything about brendan rodgers michael cohen was terrified of brendan just told him that it's like football trolling giggling sam allardyce washing up on the shores at everton i think it's a fascinating question because the level of risks that they take in name your successor is going to be remarkable to watch our sent as jim to be bold but the club will be thinking that worse case in order really the manchester united style transition with kind of slight revolving door for a major club which arsenal consummate because they don't have the money to blow 'em pug and lukac us yet they've caused orange the bleeding of the late venga period in this unforgiving competitive primarily climate do they bring in a big name coach luis enrique or an lahti instantly kinda quiet and fund this enchantment today do what cranky did at the rams which is fascinating till gambler sean mcveigh coming in age thirty youngest head coach in modern nfl history in the vein of patrick.

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