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Music top podcast. I'm your host brad apple. This week i'm delighted to have our special guests missy raines fantastic bass player and has been in a number of great bands through the years as well as leading her own bands and she is a nine time recipient of the abbie m a bass player of the year award missy and i talked on the phone the other day and i got to ask her a lot of questions about her bass playing style her influences and lots of other things. So let's go ahead and get into that interview with mri. Well thank you again missy for joining us on the acoustic music top podcasts. As i mentioned to you you've been one of my favorite bass players for many years now and it is a pleasure to have you on the show with us today. I'll let thank you so much and as by pleasure to be here. I i appreciate you asked him. Yeah well i was looking through some information about you. I i knew a lot of it already. But i see that you have been playing the base for many years now and i was going to ask you about how you started. What got you drawn to the base kucinich base and kind of how you started out in music. Could you kind of go into that with us. Oh sure yeah you know. I don't remember a time when i didn't know what blue was And another time music as well. There was a lot of music being played in my in my house. When i was growing up but bluegrass specifically because i was Taken to Festivals and events jams and concerts You know from the time i can remember. I've parents were big enthusiast. And they love to to Listen to it. They didn't really play so But they played it on the stereo at home and then sought it out In the world. So i remember you know. I plan piano and i started quickly. Switched to guitar And then.

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