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That's who he was last night because I'm looking at this number. He averaged four point one yards per attempt. And Eric Dickerson said he looked good last night. I'll say great, four point one yards for attempt, and we get to the crucial moment in the game where a turning point for, I think for tyrod Taylor, he had first and goal at the one. This all got lost in the shuffle because he got the sympathy break at the end of this series. I in goal at the at the one yard line, any throws incomplete to Jarvis Landry. And then on second goal from the one, he threw incomplete. A little Damien, rattling the rookie out of then third goal goes back to tried and true Jarvis Landry incomplete for gully rolls. Left rose, left rose left, and he tries to force the ball to one Jarvis Landry it could have been picked off. It was not, but that all got lost in the shuffle because tyrod unfortunately, for him fell and tried to stop himself from hitting the ground. The risk buckled and it'll look bad to me. I thought he broke his wrist or his hand or something, but he did not because they actually were negative and he'd bounced back and guttered it up and came back out and to your point. Yeah, he had to do that. And I think he showed his coaches as team a lot that he came back and played for them and with them, but lost in the shovel was four cracks from the one yard line. Baker mayfield's going to make a play in there. I was what Baker Mayfield does figured out who the coordinator there'll bevelled remind you see. At least one time run the kid. I get one in the one one, tyrod Taylor. He's a starter guy. And you know. Tell me putting his hands four times for the one and got nothing tyrod issue to put the ball in tyrod hand around a xactly. I'll say, I'll say this, you know, I feel like that Baker had an opportunity beat him out. Yes, beat him. Make no content. If he came in with he said it himself didn't play. Well, you know, I don't wanna see my cap and go down, but when I get the opportunity to take full advantage of it. Anybody didn't take advantage of. I full advantage so he gets thrown into the fire unexpectedly. Remember he's not a relief pitcher. He's never not been a starter in his life so he wasn't ready to get thrown in. And I think the whole team is a little shook up because it looked like they had lost tyrod maybe for the year, I games what was the first to game the backup. So he was used to be in the backhoe you talking about the first two games that are in preseason. What was Baker Mayfield back out again, you're scheduled to start the second half, and this was off schedule that you get thrown in against a defense that is flat out hellish is loaded xactly that. That. Really good. You put Jordan hits back in the middle of it. He was flying. They're all flying. They're all Fletcher. Cox was everywhere brain grin, they're everywhere. That would be Michael Bennett to it. That could be the best defense in pro football this year. So what happens on third and nine? This is the first series bakers thrown into that fire third, nine from thirty five. What happened? He dropped straight back. I thought it was the throw the night chant later. When was the throw the night. But this is a really good throw. If we could see that we see here we go, banker drops back. This is the Philly deepest who. You know what that looks like a big time pro football throat. That is a big time, but that's one. That's one through I even go farther with Baker when you to the National Football League, the things you do in college, you can't get away with in the pros..

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