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Explains the new scheme made off says he found a couple of people who agreed to invest fifty million dollars in the next two weeks off smiles and said that fifty million of course less than four hundred forty one but it will help them cover their tracks deepest galley frowns and ask made off what he's talking about made off continues explaining that they'll still liquidate all the investments from all their clients but they can take the new fifty million dollars an added to the new bank account with this pool of cash. They can then pay investors. Tell the clients that the money comes from their actual investments from dividends on stock. Money is money and the clients won't know the difference made off then gets up and walks over to the ibm computer gives it a pat and smiles. Then he tells deepest galley that. It's this machine. That's the key. Deepest galley just needs to program the computer and get it to spit out parts. Those pages will look like real dividend. Reports from real companies. Decline will still get paid and they'll stay happy and over time made often deep pass galley. Make things they'll dig themselves out from this whole deep pass. Galley stairs made off. he's dumbstruck. Made off wants to add another layer of deception and theft on top of his already insane scheme. If they do this. There's no coming back. Made off looks up at the clock. Deepest kelly follows his is. It's nine thirty. A m exchanges. Now open made off approaches e pascal with the coldness in his eyes. He says there are two options. They can run this ponzi scheme which will buy them. Some time for the two of them can go to prison for everything they've already done. Deep pass. Kelly feels lightheaded and dizzy. He wants to lie down to sleep and think this over but made off isn't waiting. He commands deepest galley. To begin selling. He reminds him to everything then. Made off walks out the door and shuts it behind him deep. Pascal looks back at the computer. Screen stared at the rows of green taxed list of clients names and their investments doesn't feel real just numbers on a small screen and then that deep pass galley realizes that made off right. He's out of options. He's already guilty man. There's nothing else he can do. So he begins typing command on the keyboard. It appears greenlanders on the screen. Self then he goes down to a second line types it again and again he continues line after line until his eyes begin to blur and it doesn't seem like he's doing anything wrong when he finishes deep pass galley sits back in disbelief and bernie madoff.

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