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Very guilty of doing this of of pulling cars off of main roads insane a here's a back way nobody knows about take this way this is where the running into problem congestion makes it difficult for residents to get home and emergency responders to get through well if they think that this is something that's going to help lady let's try it out may be it'll help i dunno jerry's kind of outed and leilia if this is working or not we hawkins going to give it a try i hope and i'm sure that you hope as well that the towns at the jersey shore all of a sudden don't say you're while you know what traffic here is awful to in the summertime we want to ban anybody who's not day lives around in this area we don't want them parking on our street how many times do you see cars at the jersey shore parked on a side street right and leave their car they're all day some people leave their car they're all night some people don't pick up their car until the next day and at creates a lot of congestion to on the side streets of the lot of the jersey shore towns if this works for these two cities in jersey and any one of the real popular towns at the jersey shore sees this and says hey let's try that here we're going to have a real issue on our hands i think so if if this does what we hawkin wants it to do and it makes the quality of life better for the people there then so be it too early to call for leoni ah and our who knows what the next town is going to be so just that driver beware if you will if you're headed up that way at the go to the city next week so i'll have to keep an eye out for that that is your jersey first segment for today will see what's going to be next jersey central traffic and weather time it's six sixteen traffic and weather every 10.

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