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After Leonardo drugged his guests he wouldn't immediately assault them instead. He dragged a lot of them out dancing and kept them drinking and partying without even knowing it. They were participating in his alibi if they complained about not being able to remember what happened the night before he could say look. Everyone saw you with the disco. You're having a great time. So we went into the bar and he bought around the shots quickly right after that bought another onto shots and we ready side like we don't want to drink anymore. We want to go to bed early. We don't want to be hung over in the morning And he just kept saying like Oh. I'm doing this for you guys. This is my money. This is like for you. Don't be rude And it got to the point. Where when he wasn't looking we were dumping the shots out into Napkins and it's only then at the end of the night after all the whirlwind tourism and showing off after the drugging discos and drinks that Leonardo had these women exactly how he wanted them disoriented exhausted and defenseless. He came into the room apparently not realizing that Mattie was looking at us from the balcony and started touching us groping our butts and like touching sexually. Mattie came in immediately doing his own. I'm just putting the blanket on top of them because they look cold so he grabs him. Blanket is such a such a lie so I know fact he raped for sure one of US maybe all four of us and he definitely sexually assaulted us. He dragged us for sure. But you don't have memories so I don't have memories. No AFLA nightmares about what could have been. But I don't have memories. These interviews helped the reporter see the full scope of how Leonardo operated including how he'd use identities so he introduced himself as Leo. An did you realize later. That is not is name no no I. Didn't Elliott was his real name his real name is Dino Maga. Leo also use fake names like Leonardo Leo Leon and even Leonardo Mangano. We've been calling him. Leonardo up to this point but from here on out we're going to use his real name. Dino the thing that made me mad about this case was the way dementia managed to manipulate victims and the the way that they trusted him. That was the first thing that struck me and The mean I couldn't understand in the beginning. How is it possible? How was it possible? Okay he had a fake name but he's still acting in public view. He's on a website. That relies on people like these women writing reviews. So why aren't there any bad reviews? Why were they all positive? The first thing I wanted to do was to write him a bad review on couch surfing and then the second thing I want to do is to report him to the police. I wish I would have just reported him to the police and then written the battery view on Couch Surfing in the opposite order. That's Elissa again. One of the survivors. We wrote the battery on Couch. Surfing and immediately sent us a message. Threatening US Dino's bad behavior also took the form of online threats. This is an actual message the Dino Center it's read by an actor and host you. I give you my best room. I offer you an expensive dinner. Good restaurant I pick you up at the station and bring you back and this is your thanks you are ungrateful in Italy. It is a crime too. Slender a person without proof and therefore if you do not change or delete the bed and post you know you've committed access of slander. This is against the Italian Criminal Penal Code. I will arrest you. I have witnesses. Everyone in my house will be a witness against you like where I would never drug you. I have one hundred great reviews on Couch Surfing. I was the nicest host ever. And then he's like. I would never drug you. I'm a police officer. You know what you're doing is criminal and I'm going to prosecute you you won't be able to leave the country talking with my Italian police officer friends in there. You know we can build a case against just all this all this stuff I remember one thing he said is that you will be stopped at every airport. Hostile in hotel. You try to book into because I have information on you like your passport and your phone numbers or your home address information like that. You really disappointed with your behavior. Now I will wait one day to give you the chance to make up for your mistake. And then everyone on his way. If you don't fix her mistake I would proceed and we should good luck. What you've decided. Thanks I'm a serious person not a criminal after that. We didn't want to go. The police are really scared. We thought if we went to the police all of his friends works the police. We thought Oh if we go to the police in Florence and Rome and then we thought no maybe they all know each other. We had heard about the mafia and we were just like nineteen years old. Just really confused. I Guess Eliza and her friends debated what to do next. They wanted to warn other women who might stay with them But in the end Dino's threats worked so they took the review down.

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