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To tiebreaking over the years their ideas out there like every five minutes you take off a player from each team that will open up space and eventually you'll get a goal you just play into somebody scores there's also ideas of changing the shootout kick from the penalty spot kick to something more like the nfl had in the nineteen seventies which johann koi five greatest players ever to play the game actually which was starting thirty five yard data player advances on the goalkeeper it's more like a hockey right right right but i don't think we're going to see any changes i think we're stuck with the penalty shootout and while i think it's not only an accurate representation of skill very dramatic and i think at least from an emotional perspective for a lot of folks actually like that looking at these england team right there one win away from advancing to the world cup final this is a country that four years ago didn't even get out of the group stage and if you look at their history over the last couple of decades it's not like they've been ringing up championships what's changed for this year's team why are they so much better why have they had so much more success here in twenty eight hundred well this is a much younger england team that we've seen in recent world cups and more likable one to be honest from a personality perspective you'll have some of the pampered millionaire primarily players that we've seen in previous england squads and they're very well prepared for things like set pieces if you look at england they've had more success in this world cup scoring goals on set pieces than any other team that's what my story and this week as i magazine actually about and that takes preparation that takes execution and it's just a very good youth development system as well in england they've they're the current under twenty more champions there the current understanding team world champions and they have a chance to be the current senior senior world champions as if sunday so there's a lot of good things happening over there right now and i think the coaching staff to buy care southgate is really approach this world cup and smart way and they sort of diffused the usual media controversies that we often see surrounding greg who's the favorite his game croatia and england would you say england is the favourite in this game for me croatians white favorite this is the best midfield in the world cab croatia was actually the best on the field in the group stage they haven't been advocated in the knockout rounds but they have ways to advance no asks you to games straight by penalty kicks that said i think england has gotten to the point now where we always expect england to score a goal at a set piece in every game now at their average in this tournament they aren't scoring many gold out of the way which is concerning but they continue to get these setpiece goals defend well they certainly got a shot i think this is gonna be a very close game but if i had to lean one way i would take all of us i wrote the book masters of modern soccer out of the world's best play the twenty first century game tell me if this comparison works maybe it doesn't maybe it's spot on i don't know when i think of the two thousand and seven world series i don't even think about the red sox sweeping the rockies of arod opting out it became this big story out in the middle of the world series arod decided i gotta tell everybody about.

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