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So it feels like we're at these curious moment right way there's always hope but also all these despair about the problem of climate change like on the one hand you have new reports all the time warning about the urgent need to swerve around world leaders being told you have to do more and really only some of them being convinced that message but on the other hand there is this unprecedented move but millions of people joining climate strikes around the world with Britain leading the pack think they hear us we will make them heroes been here before the twenty seven years ago. Canadian twelve year olds seven Suzuki gave pretty similar speech to the UN hello. I'm seventies Yuki speaking for ECO the environmental children's organization where a group of twelve and thirteen year olds trying to make a difference. She wasn't talking about climate change specifically the same themes are there. She's talking about Ping afraid to go into the sun and also mass extinction right and there's that same blunt accused the tree time that Greta uses like hey adult. Stop screwing it up for everyone. One younger than you parents should be able to comfort their children by saying everything's going to be all right. It's not the end of the world and we're and we're doing the best we can. Dan But I don't think you can say that to us anymore. Are we even on your list of priorities but how does a teenager to get to that point well. my parents are environmentalists and in the nineteen eighty s a lot of people were talking about environmental problems it was actually a very popular issue and even politicians and leaders were calling themselves. Environmentalists and greenies became became really worried about the environment so I started a club with my friends. Were in grade five. I was nine years old because their selves Echo the Environmental Children's organization innovation and we just started out by having meetings with tea and cookies. We do little fundraisers. We like to make jewelry into foul and raise money book sales. We also raised money to buy water filter for the pen and People Sarawak whose water was polluted because of logging. We're able to do that so this must have taken up like all of your time right yeah. We can't really ten years old but I mean what else are. We going to do a a lot of fun. We're doing these kinds of England actor. Few years. We heard about a huge meeting. That was gonNA take place in Rio de Janeiro. This was going to be a big gathering of heads of state the largest gathering of heads of state ever held they were going to talk about environment and development and really going to set the stage for the twenty first century and we thought thought wow you know there's going to be all these old men sitting around talking about our future so he's how we should go you know with not not too much knowledge about all of the INS and outs of that kind of conference so we fund raiser trae year we appeal out our community for a year to send five of a to real so in Nineteen ninety-two seven wins the Rio which was run by the UN Adad David Suzuki use these he's like noted Canadian environmentalist with He was speaking on the sidelines be started giving up. Hoffy speaking time to seven and other kids from club and after two weeks of the best we first of all became very practice at giving our message in each of us had a five minute speech that we were honing constantly and after two weeks we were invited to speak to the because someone had dropped out of the plenary session so we actually able to rush to the UN and and I was able to give my speech what you do makes me cry at night you grown up so you love us but I challenge you. Please make AAC your actions. Reflect your words. Thank you so you weren't afraid or you didn't feel that pressure in a in a negative way. You just felt steely. I guess absolutely I look back at that beat beat those captured and I can't believe it but I remember feeling so sure of myself and I knew that this was this was the moment that I'd be waiting emporer. I would go ready. I did not feel any pressure or any fear. I just knew exactly what I had to do. I was ready. I guess how much of what was animating mating you at that time was a quite gripping anxiety about the future. Oh yes absolutely I was. I mean when I said in my speech what you do you make me cry at night that was not exaggeration was very sensitive child. I cared deeply about animals and plants. You know kids love Obama the adore animals and as we get older you know we lose that kind of passionate love because we realized that the world is full of sadness. The world is full of grace and not just black and white so we we we have to take care of our families. Eventually we assume responsibilities and so we lose that kind of sensitivity when it comes to injustice and caring for the Earth so the theory goes I guess that being charged gives you these extra license to speak about the state of the punt because obviously they're the ones who have to live on it and just generally the kids are most sensitive live to injustice and it can really get under the skin yeah also you would think that being so young would protect you from having to do too many personal attacks but seven and Greta Greta have both copped it from conservative voices in the media. The climate hysteria movement is not about science. If it were about science it would be led by scientists interests rather than by politicians and the mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by herons and by the International. Where is the mass extinction. I I want to know what the everything she said is a lie day. Queues been lied to. She has been terrified. Child abuse reports now in Europe where kids are getting anti anxiety the medication. They believe they're going to die. She is the Greta Effects. He's causing and instilling fear in millions of kids around the world. I heard some people now shine consoles her meltdown speech to the United Nations climate event. We will not let you get away with is waking up and you don't find that Schilling and the attacks that I am seeing I mean they are just taking you know I mean when I met David. Hog this summer are he's one of the Parkland Florida student survivors of the shooting last year and one of the founders of the march for our lives in Washington you know he he was still of course traumatized by the violence but almost equally seems like he was traumatized traumatized by the attacks on his person through social media. people saying that he didn't exist that he was an actor that he was paid. You know these kinds of Those kinds of attacks hurt so much that adults would have that response to children who survived a school shooting. I guess you know do you worry about Greta tune bug in being on the receiving end of this yeah. I I worry about her. Of course you know. I think we all have to worry about Greta. I mean she's already put ourselves out there so incredibly and she's delighted deal adding a response to all these trolls is just amazing. I mean she's dealing with it so well. She's just calling it out. She says wow they're scared. They're afraid of the a young girl so the most interesting thing about talking to seven that I really didn't expect this disappointment right. Basically it springs from this idea that her generation. She's the nine now screwed up. I mean we failed. We we have the problem. Get so much worth earth and so much more difficult for us to address. We did not act after real. How do you explain that failure like. Why would you say that that first attempt at pushed it. I guess you are on the crest of styled. I think that's the question I think that's very important analysis that has to happen happen right now because I feel that there's a real parallel to where we are today and where we were thirty years ago twenty seven years ago we were here were ready. We wanted change. There were people. who were you know everybody was on board? It seems and then we went in the absolute opposite visit direction in the nineties and the two thousand I mean we had the rise of yes we had the rise of the anti-globalization movement and but the the conversation was distracted distracted and while we weren't paying attention because everybody we thought everybody had signed off you know maybe that's why we went in we we. He went opposite way so I think this time. I don't think there's GonNa be a moment where we're we can't keep on protesting where we can't ah on holding our politicians feet to the fire because it's GonNa be hard and it's going to be very hard to achieve the forty five percent percent emissions reduction in less than eleven years. It's going to be very hard for us to achieve a completely carbon neutral nee society by twenty fifty. It's going to be very unpopular is gonna be really hard and we're not going to be able to let off the pressure and that's one of the things that I think we have to really kind of realized from last time and make sure it doesn't change this time. I don't think it's any one group of peoples failure but collectively me we have failed we have failed as a species to make a collective move to stop climate change and we cannot afford to make the take so basically they underestimated the size of the task last time yeah and the strength of the fossil fuel lobby in resisting calls for Change. She also also has this idea that one of the missing pieces of the puzzle then and now is the voice of mothers. This is something that I think has not truly being harnessed yet or or I should rather. I should say unleashed is the power and the passion of parents and especially of mother. You know you think about how much you love your child child or how much mothers love their their child. I mean we would not only die for our children. We would kill for our children and so we're now in a situation where there are entire social infrastructure as human beings is diminishing the options of our children in the future.

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