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Who was warded six hundred sixty thousand dollars and was given a full exoneration by the city he advanced destroyed then william salt and last week the attorney for wayne mcdonald came on and wow was did that go viral and then this morning i had lasted branch wisest lawyer shawn lane on and i'm proud to bring you this kind of coverage and even checked bonnie wells seems to appreciate it and what would you put as the headline on our interview to me it comes down to this seventy five thousand dollars to was paid the leslie branch wise i'll just give you a chance to speak for yourself should the people of denver be concerned about that seventy five thousand dollar payment yes and they should also be concerned about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they paid to the lawyers defending mr mcdonald's lawsuit as well they're not without a remedy right i mean they could absolutely bring in the lawyers the city council they're bringing the lawyers have a conversation and request their money back thank you can't buy while playing that sound cutting up that sound and gary and chuck finished the tall this way with julie haydon also there what did they pay her for and as he said he says it just simply hush money to prevent her ever mentioning the mayor's name in regard to any lawsuit right it was he he she was paid what what was said was she was paid to change her story which is technically illegal or unethical and which.

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