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You. What's the most boring question that people always ask about it. Oh that is a very good question and the answer is no in yes so porn is typically in most productions. We are told to new certain inquisitions fronts back up say down in all of the above down smaller crews powell driver okay when the girls upside down do a handstand the guys here from the top again. I'm watching the wrong stuff this. Let me take some notes so just different things so most of the time. It's a little more than you know. People have fun but you know in between cuts you know we have to take drink breaks and you know stay hydrated. There's no easy because you can hear the a._c. When you film and the houses one hundred ten degrees but you know you have to call. It's it's a coordinated sex act. It's it's like a fucking circus sometimes and then sometimes you're like when when i do my own production stuff and i do it from my website where it's more amateur ill i can have sex my bed right now with my phone. People are like oh my god that's so hot and then other ones like you have the full setup <unk> that told you know that's art cohen romantic like there's so many things out there. Porn is honesty so many things in so little things at the same time time because at the end of the day it is sex but there's so much that goes into it. That's like this is a lot of work..

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