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See the last name of the male character oh really in the month okay what's 50s was fifty shades darker any good addle mold i have my eyes cover most of the time because it offended your morals and all because of the pen and my taste this move because of bad mitch and and that's allowing for the fact that the first two with taraoke gang and it'll still make a fortune exactly kind of lake the kevin hardy caucasian next movie believes goal peter rabbit ends about peter rabbit and you know at won't do animal films mitch man nofare trying to trick me by calling him pita i figured out the trick f the 45 minutes it took you 45minute had give it take and once you figured out that it was an animal film what did you do i finish my carrots and got my blood item hanging next film blay aches movies called the fifteen seventeen the pair's at first i thought this was a bad idea making a movie about a train schedule but then i figured out if you can make fifty shades daca you can make anything mr travolta i mean a train schedules not exactly a screen it's not really a blood bus schedule be more initiative alter the fifteen seventeen to paris's about a stopped terrorist attack on a train it's actually a true story and the actors in this film are actually the real people who did it what i know it's pretty great right gray the taken jazz from real actors will actors who know how to play men who stop terrorist attack could win the guys who actually stopped a terrorist attack be best to play that are you crazy nobody could play a guy who stuff terrorism better than actor who never did it i i think you lost your own argument i did not reid's only to eaten away you can affect the pats and now so long mr travolta long beach have a snow serai limonov you get enough okay i will ever woods that and we'll be back right after this news breaking from the golden tower of the fisher building this he's the great voice of the great lakes seven sixty wjr detroit twenty four degrees at six o'clock good evening.

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