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Helped finger William Talbot is convinced to work with police is not just solving crimes is preventing ever cases that work three months old you know they have a really high chance of re offending and even escalating and I'm sure there are you know people that were potentially serial killers that have been or will be stopped because of this but even as police crack cases faster than they ever thought possible some people warned genetic genealogy is moving too fast giving law enforcement too much access to personal information and it needs to be reined in now reveals Emily Harris has been working with reporter Kate McMahon on today show and then Lee picks up this part of the story one person who believes genetic genealogy needs to be rain Dan is this man my name is Michael US three live here in New Orleans and I work in the film industry down here it's Sunday morning I reach Michael on the phone as he sitting in a small office in his house he tells me about an encounter he had with a precursor of genetic genealogy back in two thousand fourteen he was visiting his parents a few hours out of town and I got a call from the police down here in New Orleans who told me my vehicle match the description of a hit and run he knew he wasn't involved he told the police he be happy to chat he could meet them at his house around to that afternoon I pulled up at exactly two o'clock and at two OO one three officers were at my door and I have a big ninety pound labradoodle and he likes to bark at people at the door so he was all excited when they came in and within about thirty seconds to a minute they were asking me if I would mind going down to the station to talk to Michael still has his labradoodle oboe you will go a sack and as he left bobo that day six years ago getting into the backseat of the police car Michael asked one of the officers if they really wanted to talk about a hit and run and at that point he said well actually we'd like to talk to you about some other things too just one.

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