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At eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six women texas was that opposing player that scares you the most got a little bit younger out here but for me it's one guy not albert pools growing up as a houston astros fan i can still remember the way i sell it on my cover seventeenth two thousand five when he hit a home run that's still has not landed for the astros to the world series got it was the air of inevitability with him there was just so crushing when he came to the plate you knew it was bad news yeah by the way andy pettitte said the best reaction ever he just said wow he could probably thankful that he was not on the mound ball having it landed i haven't have whole story for you real quick and i should use him as a scared player first time first year in the league i go see the match at home against the st louis cardinals so he comes into play you're going to be something special first time he's ever shea stadium at the time before they built city field so he grounds out to the shortstop and there's a bunch of guys behind home plate typical guys that brass people so the second time he comes up they start chanting over rated overrated like that right out light is on the mound to count he does a cut fast money inside a plate and alba pool host texts suited field over the wall shea stadium he comes to the plate the next time the same guys go under rated and our pools turned around tip is capital and alviti in the val dying laughing standpoint you're saying yeah don't get on his nerves because you see when you bugged him and you see what the ball land in flushing bay we're never gonna find that ball again one of my favorite stories about a baseball player i said man i've never heard forty four thousand people go like this mind that's all these seventy hit the ball and the ball went from home plate to out of that state in about two seconds weighing on twitter komen espn metcalf kept by espn the opposing player that scared you the most why should we be scared for manny out that's next taliban did you know that.

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