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We. Four it's ever eaten spoils before. It's so that if there was a way of reducing the amount of spoilage or ink or. Or increasing crop yields than than that would go a long long way in order to help feed the world's populations at helping people in these third world countries. And so to that end on a on a pre harvest basis our products, I think I had mentioned to you that that I had I does not develop or allow microbial resistance developed. Well, the fund your sides that are being used now in plants are many of them are like neuro-toxins and the way they even know that they're they're in use. Sometimes it birds of falling out of the sky. So so to have something which is so safe as an iodine which can kill the. The the fungi bacteria that responsible for and viruses, which are responsible for crop destruction. And do it so safely a something which is very very important to law. Jagr I chemical companies as well as the idea that since no resistance develops. The Anna does developed other fun decides pesticides, you know, within two years of new pesticide being introduced though, those pesticide these bacteria and fungi begin to show resistance and they start to lose their effectiveness. These chemical companies are spending tens of millions of maybe even hundreds.

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