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I don't have any circle square patterns. We have no fucking room circle script pattern with seventy train. The fuck. Mcginnis store that. Yeah. You know, or souls it up a million times. And then when you take it every time and then ruin the or really intense. It lasts like cutting three skirts. Yeah. Yeah. Part. So Mark for that. And then if I'm doing like like marking darts and stuff like Dr like drill holes. Oh, yeah. That's true too. Yeah. I use these new markers. They're called the hell, they basically they they disappear with steam. Oh, I like those yet. And and they're so we're going to do you can every because I know like classic purple ones that just disappear over time the blue ones disappear with steamer water. Yeah. Yeah. But the I can't remember what they're called. But you can get them at like opus in Canada. You can get them at Michael's them. They sign them at all. Yeah. Like, they're selling them address. Oh in Vancouver. They're selling them at Fabrica share even sell them at Rokos, which is like the cherry wonderful store on the owned east Indian place with like the most gorgeous evening where fabrics you'll ever see in your life fabrics. You like a marker a marker as opposed to chopping almost every time. I've tried wax. I've tried powdered. Chalk I've tried the mayor of Charles and chalk. Yes, tried the like it looks like a pencil eraser almost. And then you gotta do that. I. I settle on either just cutting around the pattern pinning it down, which I like. I also like the ritual of that two of laying down sitting on the pens like like the way it feels like the way it looks like the time it takes if you're like, I'm being more careful when I do it that way, but I also have really liked and I've been having one for a while. Now, what am I go to now is the one it's like it's almost like a little mechanical pencil, but has or like remember those things that had a racers in them. And it was like a two. There was a long skinny white eraser. One of my interns has one of those details eraser, and I also love the eraser, especially when you're drafting and yes, make a fucking. Racer, but different color is like almost like in a mechanical pencil, the leads. But there may be I don't know four millimeters thick like, they're quite K A and the million colors. So it doesn't matter what you're drawing on. You'll find a color you can rent that will show up, and then I haven't had any problems with at staying either washes out or just cut it off in the salvage or it's. Seamounts? It doesn't matter. I know sometimes if marking darter or something that's like when you make dart, especially if we should mostly in women's clinic him, including the most happened in women's clothing, where it's like the little it's like a little full that sold a debt that's so down to make the boob shape. It's where they a lot of time to make a curve mostly around the bust, and you have to know where they end I do like using threats to Mark that own other look so much more fancy national, and yeah. And then you can pull your threats out pull them all out. After that. So you just take. Trask color thread. It doesn't have to be fancy, and you just like double it. And then pull it through the not. So you know that point there is where your bus dark needs. They don't need to drawn at all. That's like that's the Taylor tack think ten attack. Yeah. Yeah. The takes takes one second. Yeah. Feels good. Yeah. It's it's more. It's more accurate usually because you can get smaller. Exactly exactly where it's going to be. 'cause sometimes you're like, well like the chalk or another kind of chalk like you get dot. That's you know, half centimeter big exactly where it's going to be in the factories to market a like a drill hall or like a dark hole like that. It's called a drill hall when they do in the factory. They literally drill a hole through all your layers fabric..

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