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Noor were still go and ask we'll be hearing from west wing saw stockard channing i said her name or did it stockard stockard channing greater of downton abbey sir julius fellows he'll be here musician johnny marr de star lee michelle and the singer she easton but first the writerdirector producer and legend mel brooks he was in town settlers about the latest data collection of his musical young frankenstein is this a revival of the broadway production or is it a whole new shebang none of your business however i like ukraine him i'll tell you i'll tell you think i i wouldn't tell anybody uh it was compass him it was big it was good there were many good things in it on broadway we played our house there was then called hilton it was like two massive shoe boxes at right angles there were literally close to three thousand people in the audience none of them could see the stage and and the act is kept complaining to me we can't hear them laugh i mean it was just it was really a mess but i love the show i really do and i got back into it and i wrote i just cut out transylvania the beginning i wrote a whole new opening and i found the sky hadley fraser he was he was actually sewerman doorway of enclosed shoe store with a dog and aqap and he was singing a lovely voice i said what's your name son is it hadley for his.

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