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News a week after Election Day Democrat Cal Cunningham conceding his race for North Carolina's U S Senate seat. The Republican incumbent, Thom Tillis. The voters have spoken, he said in a statement, and I respect their decision. A block of try on street in Uptown Charlotte that's been home for a black lives matter. Mural in Charlotte for months now has reopened to traffic City Council voting 10 to 1 last night to end the road closure, which began in June, shortly after City Hall commission the artwork to support protest for racial justice. Blach became a bit of a tourist attraction over the months. But some of the neighborhood businesses say the closure is hurting their bottom lines, especially during an already difficult year. And a 19 year old man has been charged with illegally providing the rifle that prosecutors say 17 year old Kyle Riton house used to kill two protesters and injure a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this summer. Dominic Black allegedly obtained the rifle after Riton house paid him. Black reportedly signed the paperwork indicating the gun was for himself because written our couldn't legally by the weapon. This news brought to you by diamonds Director annual pre holiday sale next week, November 16 through the 22nd. It's the last door wide sale before Christmas at Diamonds direct, and you'll find savings of 20% of more. Fivethirtyeight w B T Time for another traffic checks with former bond can Hey, Thank you, Mike and collision 77 North found near uptown has taken up the left lane. Just past exit. 11 Brooks, your freeway So merge, right. If you're headed north found 77 again. This is just past exit. 8 11 Brookshire Freeway habit, isn't it to the West Wilkinson Boulevard, Kentucky, CG, wrote Wilkerson Boulevard at Sam Wilson Road. Brookshire Boulevard near Russell's very to the Southwest. On Steele Creek Road. Westinghouse Boulevard Southie Charlotte, pedestrian Struck rail Road near colony at Wendy Rush Road Incident to the north on Sugar Creek Road near Cinderella Road and Watch for this on inbound independence west of Brian Creek. You may wanna jump over the seventh Street as an alternate from a drift to a flood to major or minor issues. Plumbing, septic and drain cleaning specialists. Tripoli City Plumbing Is your plumber for life 24 7 emergency servers and a plus b b B rating. +704544 19+09 Be sure to call Triple A city plumbing today. Boomer von Kannon w B T traffic For all our sakes. We need to avoid crowds as much as possible. But.

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