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Year old girl stated his parents put him in some kind of hospital and he ran away from it one day at the train station i saw him. He dyed his hair so no one can find him. I said what's going on. And he goes no way. Are they going to look me up. I'm not crazy. I was like i never said you were crazy but maybe you need help with drugs. He said do not and then started yelling coming closer. I talked my way out of it. I think ricky stopped living an eighth grade mark fisher. Seventeen years old said. I've known ricky since sixth grade first time. He tripped and seventh grade and art class. He had drawn dragon on the board and said it started to move first time. Ricky got in trouble was eighth grade. He stole a container of hoc- from the church. Kinda ironic that he ends at worshiping satan and start stealing from the church tony's incas nineteen years old. Said there's a power trip in satanism. It says now you can strike back at the people that screw you up. The doctor said kay so was antisocial. Wrong antisocial mean sitting in a corner at a party sociopathic means robbing graves. One teenager said ricky. Took everything. Just like jim morrison. The younger crowd was impressed by what he did about six months ago. He started going to the south bronx with a friend of mine. He used to drive in get dusted and drive back. After two months they finally crashed. My friend's car. They were all dusted out. Rick found other ways to get into the city. I told ricky do too many drugs. You'll be dead soon. He said yeah. That's exactly what i want. I said boy at your choice. Ever since then. I stopped hanging out with them because he would go to cemeteries and hang out. Smoke ten bags of angel dust and try to get in touch with the devil chanting satan satan satan. He was a drug fiend. And that's all he was again mark fischer says rookie was of the devil. When he was on acid he go back into the dark woods and he would talk to the devil he said. The devil came into the form of a tree which sprouted out of the ground and glowed. I tried to question him about it but he said i don't like to talk about it. People think i'm nuts. A girl known as baker sixteen years old said when the dust came to town. Ricky and the guys used to go down to the graveyard and they'd tape themselves tripping on acid and peyote and dust. They thought the devil possessed the tape and there were all these. You know different voices. Teenager number two says ricky and this dude. Where's my car. And they were like we're trying to get this call going going to the library to read up on some books we want your mother to be the latter of it see. My mother has these powers. She raises tables. We've talked to jim. Morrison through a table mark fisher again says it met ricky. He was just one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. After he smoked seven packets of dust we were having a regular conversation. Meanwhile this other guy who smoked with him was in a complete psychosis making animal movements. Karate moves the police were here and the policeman says you don't step on our toes we don't step on moore's ricky would take ten hits peyote and a night. He would take three ten minutes later. Take another three and two hours later. He take more. He'd figured it out in his mind. How to take the most without odeen recap the acid king. He talked to my girlfriend. Wants on the phone and she said. Do you have a girlfriend. And he said no. I'm not into relationships. They never last. That's pretty heavy rolling. Stone caused this girl. The soft hearted girl. Fourteen years old. The closest person raking he'd say in the clubhouse all the time ricky was sweet he needed help. I talked to him for hours and hours during the night. He didn't hate his family but he blamed them for a lot of things on the night before he had to go to court for digging up the grave. He stayed here in the morning. He went home and his father wouldn't let him take a shower or eat. Wouldn't let him in the house after court. He left him off in front of the midway store. Ricky asked for a quarter. He wanted a bagel but his father said no so ricky kick the door of his father's red corvette and in his father left and came back half an hour later gave him two dollars and told him never to call. His house talked to his mother or sisters again. He never wanted to see ricky again Fisher again says when he moved back home for a while he started scaring his parents because he wrote some songs about satan. He talked about doing. His drug deals openly saying mom. I'm going down to get a few hits of peyote. I'll be back for dinner. His parents got fed up with it. It wasn't just the catch up on his wrists. He put ketchup on his wrist and called down to his mother. See what you made me do. His mother ran up the stairs and he started laughing at her when she realized it was only catch up rolling stone labels this girl the pace nick girl sixteen years old. She says ricky sang me this song that he wrote on guitar. It was something like a child of the devil he put on. These weird is and make this weird smile about it. It was cute though the way he did it. So that's what people had to say about ricky. Now this is what people had to say about jimmy. Rolling stone calls this girl. Prep stir girl and she said jimmy he was always kind of wild always doing strange things. When he was seven he took the hook on a swing set. You know how the chain hooks onto the he took it into his mouth on top of the a frame and jumped off. It gave him a big scar on his face. At the ninth grade dance they played monster mash for him because he had so many scars on his face..

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