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Pretty good adam always enjoy the time to look forcing then they know that you feel i asked panama ask ask god to ask adults we should ask adam plenty of good voicemails today adam our interviews rental little long soda on abbreviated ask atoms section but let's get to the voicemails what do you say that shush paradigm that great from raleigh north carolina ramp workers graded and give him as many weapons will work workout in mind orders a cat predatory deal you could who you're getting gone with star hariri june andrew nor well well listen it sounds like right now that they are inclined to use the franchise tag on graham canot which gets nor role to the market if nor will hits the market it's going to be very tough to keep them because there are so many teams out there with offense of lied needs allah the new york giants with your former gm dave gettleman now serving as the gm there that i think it's going to be tough to keep andrew nor will any carolina he's the top interior offensive lyman out there and again i don't mean to disappoint your price but i think that he's going to be moving on but that's what the next few weeks of four let's day in the nfc south for this question artist withdrawn from campo um with the bucks in dire need of a defensive lineman especially past rougher and with the news coming up as we iansa probably won't be getting other detroit is there any defensive end defensive tackle less tough rusher that will be available from free agency we'll johnson it's a very difficult thing to sign look demarcus large can be tagged in dallas the blinds don't wanna lose ziane on sir julius peppers a free agent adrian claiborne is a free agent but you're not gonna find the top flight pass rusher out there and the bucks addressing seventh i believe in the first round of the draft look they could use some upgrades on the offensive line they could use some defensive line helped it's one of the problems really they have always struggled to come up with that pass russia i go back to when they drafted the late gains adams who was supposed to be a tremendous player coming out of clemson and just obviously never got the hang of it and then.

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