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Whatever guilty or state, whatever stage, but the part where he has it around next not like, who would ever whatever and John around the house. But that makes sense you, you would be. Disturbing a crime scene. If you start taking your clothes off that were I still when you went to remove the stuff that was on me. Yeah. But saying it doesn't mean also if you're close of bleach all over them that doesn't definitively mean this, or that, right? All right. Well. Do it. What are you implying? Sounds like an owner. Governor. Governor governor on your ownership. We haven't heard from the flying will lend does, in a couple of decades, maybe a century or two, but they were back big time in New York recently, Nick, and Lasana will lend live up to that family name when they walked a quarter of a mile across time square, twenty five stories up balancing the entire way on a tightrope earlier this rain across. Tight rope. Walk. It was broadcast live on ABC thousands watched, and he actually they meet in the middle and Nick climbs over la- Jonah. And that's eighteen minutes in. It was preplanned or the worst timing ever. You're going to go the other direction on the same night the night, I'm going. He's just posted up on the fridge. One thing thing. This is a specially daunting for her. She broke almost every bone in her face after suffering near fatal fall a few years back the whole thing took about thirty six minutes. They had posed for balance the polls way thirty eight pounds. I should. This might making this up, our was he traveling with a kind of harness. They did. They did have acurity. I don't think time. Score would have allowed it without it the club. Well, okay. I mean far be it for me master. Yeah. By the way. Large crowd and Times Square. You know, you don't want up on that wire, Louis. C K. You know, you could do it, but just apologize. That's clear you. There is some way up there. I have very good balance. And if you gave me a six months training and told me you can wear harness where if you fall off. You gotta you gotta cave on the hardest on it. I would give it a shot. Okay. So that's bullshit. They actually talk about the hardest. I got it. I got it on clip step over me. So this is the moment where he actually steps over her on the on the hardest to what. Allowed to do this time square. Do tires you. They have they do. It's a cable above. Somewhere else. Where is a loud? And there was a documentary about the man who walked in between the towers. Yeah. Stud, sorry. No. That's right. Yeah. Over her is so underwhelming cares. Safety harness, like walk go wrong. Nothing you have a harness the same thing. It's the difference between free climbing and, and doing it with about them. I was reading up on, on the will end does. And their thing back in the day, one hundred years ago was whatever was that there was no net. There was no there was no Dr and a few lend us died. And apparently, when they, they joined Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus, the whole thing was, oh, my God. They're doing this without harnesses because those got lost in transit, so that just became their thing after the grandfather, the famous footage like Rio de Janeiro or something. It was some somewhere and he was just walking in a wind kicked up. And he just fell off. But the thing that always struck me think it was one emission, by the way, it served point you go from flying will end up falling change. Hit the pavement enough. You gotta change name flights still be here. Why is it circus? Oh, lay like signed him up, like they just not good enough circus. I don't know. But. The, the thing that I found very interesting about the footage of the grandpa when he died wherever he was like nineteen seventy four when he was walking across the building. I found it. Where was that? I found it very interesting from a human standpoint, which is the wind.

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