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He says he no only learned to things in life number one near the god number two i'm not him so i think if we're trying to get rid of suffering in this life were not than a key that i don't see that there a little boy method thoroughly suffering i do he that would move poto unwra apart during an abortion and and then bring them out that leprince going on and um i think the most important thing here is if you think the government how any you better than the perrine in um anything in nath gets gutted the dmv go to the g hospital go to places where government is pulling the shot and killed think that goal would have a boy in what happened to my children in it's like you said it now eamon got they are on the boy king the park thing to do this debate took the initiative they found this solution it and i believe life is all about having pollution from the gentleman who spoke before about um you know when you have cancer you take right hand the am the death thank you so much we appreciate your comments and unhappy independenceday just wanna get this in here there's another case backend 2014 uh in the uk where i you shake qian's appearance uh they wanted to take him out of a hospital to seek alternative treatment in another country and he di di di did take him out they were told the clintons they took him out of the hospital and may well end up being arrested for neglect for taking him out of the hospital yeah an it would 2014 to parents year british boy aisha a king removed him from the hospital against doctor's wishes to seek an alternative therapy to treat his brain cancer in prague uh they wanted him to undergo proton beams therapy which is not available in the uk they were arrested in malaga spain in they were accused of neglect the charges were leader dropped and they were allowed to jake their son to the czech republic she received the treatment guess what he's now cancer free and back at school three per on beam therapy centres funded by proton partners international are now under construction in the uk and they will accept both private healthcare in nhs patients now listen this may not cure charlie we know that the.

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