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Know? No, most definitely. Even in the summer, if you're coming from somewhere else in the summer in Florida, it's very hard to come into that heat. Sapphire have you noticed anything different with the trip to Churchill downs with white a barrio this time as opposed to last year as a two year old, he ran in the Kentucky jockey club. He ran a good third that day. It's actually the only time he was defeated in his career, but it was a very highly rated race with smile happy and classic causeway also in there. Obviously a lot more people this year. But his demeanor, that trip to Churchill compared to this time. He's a changed horse physically. That day, I thought he got a trip. It was a little keen early and then he got bottled inside and he didn't get up to like the 8 ball. It was never going to win at that point. But you stayed on steadily. From a number of perspective on that day, he ran his race. I mean, I think he ran like an 81 buyer and the race before when he had won the around 81 bar. So he ran his race as far as tracking everything is concerned. I don't think he's a problem. He's changed physically as a horse. So he's got taller. He's got a lot more leg to him and he's definitely changed physically from last year to know. And he continues to change for the better. Even from January to now he's changed. He's changing. And he's changing in front of our eyes, we're seeing him every day. So that means he's really changing. He looks so much stronger than a lot of the other three year olds. I mean, he looks like more like an older horse to me. When you watch all the horses galloping at 7 30, some of them are very diminutive and they're not filled out. He looks like he's got his body already. He looks really, really good. Yeah, he's not an overly big robust kind of horse, but as I said, he's keeps growing. He kind of more liking that kind of way. And he's holding his weight well and his coat looks good and that's what those are the kind of things you want for a horse coming into a race. You drew post 15 in the 20 horse field. Is that, is that what you were looking for? And if you kind of mapped out who's the speed inside of you, who's outside of you, where you'd like to be early on? Yeah, for the post, you kind of, you know, you could draw any kind of policy pause was very important. We were hoping to be between 5 and 18 at worst, and then you're better numbers were probably like 8 to 16. We got 15, we were very happy with it. There's a little speed outside of us, but most of them are inside and we're drawing out wide enough that gives Taylor options a big breaks important. He needs to break well. He has brought well in the past and once he could break well and utilize his position into the first turn. I think once he gets into a good rhythm, he'll have a very good chance. It's been a pretty good post position to historically 10% of the horses that have broke from post 15 have won the Derby 6 for 60 so far the last to do it was authentic and 2020. So there's some recent history there too. So that has to make you feel pretty good. Yeah, someone sent me a stat after. I think the three highest winners posts are post 5, post ten and 15. They're all like 10.6. I think 10.4 and 10%. So it's the third highest post percentage wise in the history of the Derby. So it definitely shows the post is good. Talking with safi Joseph junior, the trainer of Florida Derby winner, white a barrio in that Florida Derby. He beat charge it. He beat simplification. He's beaten modern goal before. Those are horses that are back in The Kentucky Derby with him. We've had people come on the show and say, oh, I love the way charge it looks. We had Sean burn on in the last segment or earlier in the show. And he said, I like simplification to win the Derby. We've had people talk about more donegal. You've beaten all of those forces. Size up the competition for me. And I know you're worried about all of them. But how good were those horses you were beating in Florida? We beat some book face and a holy bowl. People said that he didn't break roll and then we came back and we beat him in Florida everywhere. He said about a better trip than us. So we beat him for a square and then charge obviously in the Derby had a tough trip. He was kind of a trip to white barrier hot into the jockey club bottle up and then he got out too late. So you would think we'll move forward a lot. Madonna go we beat him in a holy ball where I don't think we were our best and he was coming, he was a favorite in that race. So I think he really had much excuse in IRAs. We beat these horses legit and now because we beat them before it doesn't mean we're going to beat them again. But it does give you confidence to see the form work out. I'm a big believer in who you beat. We've been some good horses I've come back to accomplish good things. How much confidence is Taylor gaff Leon give you? I mean, he's got the best attitude. He goes out there and tries every time. Does that help you relax a little bit? Almost definitely. In general, we write Tyler and the championship meet a lot we write Tyler. I read on Edgar's IRS. Those are our three main writers, so to have a main writer on our horse that we've had a lot of success with. Voting for a while, it gives you confidence. It feels like you're right into horse and he's obviously two for two on him and he's 6 times champion, a Churchill, not a last meet, so no one's ever beaten him. So as far as writer goes, we're in a good position. And he wants to win the Derby as much as we do. Safi, why do barrio was one of the final Derby horses to arrive here at Churchill downs at what goes into that that decision there'll be some trainers who immediately after their prior race will the Monday after flyer van the Louisville and try to be here for three or four weeks, whereas you got all the work done at your home base at Gulfstream park and basically just here for less than a week. I think shipping ways you didn't want to be in very early or you want to be in the very late. You don't want to be in between and shipping very late for us has worked out well in the past when we were shipped. So we kept it to that. A lot of other trends do they have more than a one horse in the race and Todd has horse coming out of the wood Florida Derby. So it makes more sense for him to get all the horses in one location because he can't be in all those locations. So I think that's a lot some of them will come here earlier and not in general, some of them are based here. So I think if you could stay in your home where your base and ship was late as possible, I think it's the best end of the ship a horse. You barely got your last work in. Getting late when you were that was a crazy day, huh? Yeah, that was getting nerve wracking. I was thinking, I should have shipped earlier. But thankfully, we didn't work Saturday and then I was.

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