Aaron Donald, Carson Wentz, Rams discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


One game involving the rams and the bears and he made that point and it's such an important point so easy but people lose sight of it when they watch the game and they admire when the quarterback drops his shoulder and drives through this. And hold onto the ball. Every one of those moments where you have contact with defensive player in the quarterback is a chance to get injured. You gotta minimize those once. Maximize those to his credit. But there's a fine line between courage stupidity. And he's on the wrong side of it for two offices and then amazing that you leaping for an end zone in the los angeles coliseum couple years ago an mvp campaign and getting your knee blown up. Because aaron donald hits it didn't sink in enough for carson wentz to see how to cat. I can't turn it off. I think that's what it comes down to when you get out there whether it's your throwing motion whether it's the way you go through your reads. Whatever it is that you're trying to do once you get out there and it's real the competitive instinct takes over and so many people treat them like a badge of honor. It really does become a problem. If it's infringing on your ability to be available to your team it's not heroic. It is it is if allow yourself to constantly be in a position where you get self injured. That's where once needs to rein himself. In and i don't know that it can be coached out of mike. Florio here on the rich eisen show took two weeks for the reality to just be staring. Everyone in the face Despite all the signs and the the writing on the wall that there is no scenario under which the houston texans would start to shawn watson this year zero point zero full blue karski on that front as tyrod taylor. God bless him. I mean what a awful set of circumstances always seems to befall this man when he has opportunities looks like a hamstring. Injury is going to keep him out for the foreseeable future. And i know they got this kid davis mills that they drafted. But here's a team. That kind of looks really stout uncertain areas when we thought they were just completely barren of talent and competition..

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