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It's been quite a awhile but this week we have hal elrod back on the show and how was on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity one person at a time he's an author podcast her hall hall of fame business achiever in keynote speaker house written a number of books including the miracle morning in his latest title the miracle equation the latter being the focus today's days chat. He's also the executive producer of the documentary the miracle morning movie how has an incredible story he died at age twenty after his heart stopped beating for six minutes after being hit by a drunk driver and nearly died again in november two thousand sixteen when he was diagnosed with a rare in very aggressive form of cancer he was only given a thirty percent chance of living at that point after enduring the most difficult year of his life he is now cancer free how grateful to be alive and living his mission alongside his wife wife and their two young children in austin texas say you're going to notice that i'm not part of today's interview. This is the first of many episodes and i'm going to be sitting out on a take talk to rest and focus on my pregnancy but don't worry i'm still going to be part of many upcoming interviews and we are just so lucky that we have the flexibility you to do this and jesse's able to pick up the slack and show up for these interviews and do such an awesome job on his own. Will i grow baby tub so now back to how what was discussed in today's interview the real purpose of a goal the five minute rule what may have caused house rare cancer questions to ask your farm-to-table. The restaurant had to become emotionally invincible why it's important to replace fear with faith the power of extraordinary effort and living in alignment with your highest truth lots of beautiful concepts etc you guys to listen to this here. We go with hal elrod. Hello hal. It's great to have you back on the show. How are you doing and it's great to be back. I <hes> barney's not here but i am grateful to be here with you today. Just link you. We're gonna have a lot of fun. It's been a long time since we chatted in a lot. A lot is happening in your life. You have a new book out and in this book you talk about how as a kid you're a bit of a troublemaker and you thought to yourself as being very average as a kid through college college and highschool. You had a record for the most hours of detention in a single school year so take us back to be a kid and this troublemaker character you were yeah. I was always always a nice kid. I was good spirited. You know never like the troublemaking was never violent or deceitful or anything like that. It was religious a class clown. I'm kind of thing you know. I think that what's valuable for me to share is israeli that i think like most of us as kids trying to figure out who we are and find our way and accepted. I'd buy those around us and just general. Everybody has different childhoods. Obviously some are more difficult than others mind was kind of average you know if you will but for me growing up i i got picked on and bullied like a lot of a student but for me. I didn't have a lot of confidence. I was not an achiever and i have friends. I think we all know people that they were star. Athletes in high school or you know got great grades. They were popular. They were confident and that wasn't me. I was a c. student. I was not super popular. I never played a single high school sport or organized sports and really just for me didn't have any evidence in my life that i could achieve the things i wanted to achieve in my future. You know i didn't grow up with any goals or dreams of what i wanted to be. When i grow up. Actually i take that back. That's not totally true. When i was fifteen years old a buddy of mine. His brother got sick and his brother was was to d._j. Or junior high school dance i was a software high school and the junior high that i had went to my best friend's older brother was supposed to do the dance in my friend. Jake called me said hey calling his sick but we've got all his equipment and he asked if i would do the dance to d._j. The dance dance with me <unk> heck yeah. That'd be a blast. How fun go back and you know d._d._r. Or the other kids which i obviously knew most of the kids that were still there just a couple years removed and we did the dance and afterwards we got excited without. Let's start a business but it's like sir doing d._j. Work so this was the one thing i did growing up that was kind of out of the ordinary but it was really really my friend who is leading the way he kind of. Okay sure whatever you wanna. Do you know we broke up as d._j. Partners my dad helped me finance all of this equipment a fifteen hundred dollars the d._j. Equipment and then. I got a job at a grocery store. She owned the grocery store. My parents did i grew up living in the back of a grocery store is one of those built in nineteen forty five where the house and the store itself was all one building and you literally like you were in check stand one and took six paces out of the checks ten and it was the door. Aura living room says very unconventional way to grow up but i decided i wanted to pursue the d._j. Thing that jake and i had started and we we actually broke up friendship over a girl kind of silly and i saw a few years ago where we're good now. One of our customers came in and my dad's sold me said hey did. My son is a d._j. Now and yet and she paid me one hundred dollars to do four hours hours of d._j. Work and you know you're fifteen years old making one hundred bucks for any age. Twenty five bucks an hours good money and so i did that and i i was hooked. I thought wow here's the lesson for people. I learned at a very young age that you could do work. That didn't feel like work and everything. I do to this day fits. It's that bill the work that i do. I'm keynote speaker. I love speaking in sharing my message. I do these interviews right. I love being able to impact people to positive way. I'm i'm an author. I don't love writing but i love the rest of the process of you know sharing. My book with people and impacting people's lives so the i learned. Is that a you can do work that that you love. That actually doesn't feel like work and at the i think that plan about c._d. Young age that i'm gonna i'm gonna. I'm never going to do work that. I don't actually love doing at such a valuable lesson for people i think because most people don't love their job. I think you don't love your job. Go find the life is too short to spend eight hours a day five days a week doing work. That doesn't fulfil. You doesn't bring you joy in your life. In the second lesson that i learned is you can make significantly more money than is considered normal or average for doing that that worked that you love earning twenty five dollars an hour and eventually within a few i think less than a year i was up to seventy five dollars an hour as a fifteen year old and then sixteen year old high school student. I was earning more money in a night. Then my friends were earning in a month and they were doing work that they hated and so that really did give birth earth to the entrepreneurial spirit first of all but then really those two lessons that i think that no matter what age you are age of us our life is too short not do work that you love and really through entrepreneurial kind of creativity you can earn an income that is beyond what is considered normal and early that we might get into this. We might not but that lead into my first first major job at nineteen. I started a career in sales and that is what appealed to me was not only was the work kind of fun. I could set my own schedule but the big thing was. There's no ceiling on my income. There is no salary. I'm paid on commission so i could earn as much or as little but as much as i was willing to work for that that was when i was nineteen i'm forty eight hundred forty into the last twenty years of my life have been really in alignment with doing work that i love and finding a way to earn a significant income for were dot works i could provide financial freedom and security for my family and for me originally and now now for my wife and my kids and how he talked about getting into sales and i thing judging by reading your story. We're confidence kicked in where you went from feeling like an average type person to gaining. Some confidence came when you started to really rack up though sales yeah. I borrowed it from a mentor. I think that's a great lesson. I i didn't come up with the lesson that all share right now this is. I don't know i read this somewhere. I've heard this somewhere somewhere. Maybe my mentor taught me this. I don't even know but it's that sometimes you have to believe in the belief that someone else has in you until your belief catches up and when i started i got hired to sell cutlery at age nineteen by the way i i didn't dream of being a salesperson like i did it to get my friend teddy off my back. I guess you wouldn't shut about how old you all you be so good at this so it's great it's he would always just toward and stop talking about me taking giving it a shot selling cutlery lary kitchen knives and i. I just kept teddy on d._j. And at that time i was on a radio station you know after my first year college and i teddy i i don't. I'm not a salesperson. I have no i've never sold in have no interest in salesperson and one day he kinda kinda tricked me into going to the office with him and i i met his manager. Who became my manager. My my mentor you hired me that day. He explained the opportunity of earning commission and setting my own schedule and things he really position where i thought well. That's really appealing. You know your your he did a better job. Then teddy is at selling me on the job so i decided to give it a try and within two weeks i quit my d._j. Job which was crazy. That was my dream job but i had earned in my first ten days selling cut co ironed over three thousand thirty seven hundred dollars and you know at nineteen years old at any age it's good money but at nineteen years older and thirty seven hundred dollars in my first ten days and by the way that was starting up but my commission level was very low when you start in it went up as you sold more so the next ten days that same amount of sales would have earned me seventy five hundred dollars right in ten days so like i guess you could say i had dollar signs in my eyes but it was really just like the potential. Wow why i'm <music>. I'm earning ten bucks an hour at the radio and i'm earning like three hundred dollars an.

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