Bob Euchre, Brewers, Len Kasper discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Everyone. Bob euchre along with Jeff blabbering and Ken Somerville. Said to bring a game one action. There's something about listening to Bob. They just makes you feel good. He bleeds brewers baseball. Once again, here's Joe block. Well, thanks. You had the unique experience of being able to learn under both an established major league player and a hall of fame broadcast. This is Bob euchre along with Corrie provost sharing a booth with him is truly one of the better jobs. Not just in sports. But I think that one could possibly have once again, here's Jim Powell undoubtedly the greatest honor of my career is that I can say I was Bob euchre's longest tenured partner thirteen years in the brewers radio booth alongside the great Bob euchre. This is Len Kasper the brilliance above euchre can can never really be overstated. This is a great man is someone who never reminds. You of anyone else? That's certainly applies to Ukraine. Catch. Baseball broadcaster mechanically. He's got the great home run. Call the best any of the signature home run calls. Get get out. Get outta here. Gone. Just perfect. It came from such an organic place too. Great home, run call. Harry story when he took over a full-time calling the games and seventy eight how that season began with an opening day grand, slam six hundred Scotto bombs. Oh, great. Three thousand hit. That's great call. I was there for for Trevor Hoffman six hundred. See also rose six hundred six. Big moments winches.

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