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Dot com slash federal to start your cloud transformation. Good Saturday to you. It's 9 38. Driving mother on the 8 years married to pampa. All right, thanks. Ralph Fox. We're going straight to Virginia and traveling interstate 95, which has been heavy and slow and stretches from Quantico through all of much of Stafford county. You don't break away till about 17 and then may hit the brakes again and spottsylvania a lot of summertime volume, easy pass express lanes pointing in the southbound direction, so they too will be slower. They join in and staff a county a couple of incidents have been reported crashes, but they've been on shoulders. Now, northbound volume as well, we're gaining through Stafford and again through Quantico, and again, through Dale City woodbridge, newington, but no incidents just a lot of travelers. If we continue in Virginia, one big note is Georgetown pike remaining closed between walker road and old dominion after an early morning crash near Lee mill road ad hoc that took out a power pole and wires so emergency utility was underway, also working on route 7 and lewinsville road through the weekend. Lewinsville road will remain closed and route 7 at the interchange anticipate single lane traveling through at times, workers on the scene say be sure to keep your speeds down and follow any flaggers. Around the beltway though, we're doing well, that is both in Virginia and in Maryland. Inside of the beltway, D.C. two 95 has a crash running south, you're gaining more of a delay to get past these bending road toward these capital street with the crash in between watch for possible police direction, bening road northeast is closed between east capital and Minnesota for open street D.C. and coming inbound New York avenue from South Dakota to blind single left lanes getting by. They say it was a concrete pour, a lot of volume heading east toward the bay bridge three lanes will take you across the bay, and then again, more volume through three O one split, Queenstown, wine mills, but no incidents. If you're looking to save money with drive wise from Allstate, the safety you drive, the more you can save, it all stay better protection costs a whole lot less, visit all state dot com or call an agent for a quote today. Mary depart the WTB traffic. Well, if your weekend plans have you out and about, we've got you covered. Here's storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. Yes, and listen, get out today because it is going to be absolutely

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