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The. A radio news. I'm Rita Foley. Thousands of mourners paid their respects to former president George H W Bush overnight in Houston where his body lay in repose the family church buried today on the grounds of his presidential library in Texas. The former president's casket arrived yesterday afternoon in Houston. Warners gathered at his family church. The return home came after his speed funeral here in Washington. Sud George W Bush was among those crazy is dad's wind and character. His was the brightest of a thousand points of light the elder Bush will be buried today at his presidential library saga megani? Washington to US military planes of crashed into each other overseas to crew members rescued, but are Charles Dila desma reports on risky operation is continuing in Japan. The five missing US marines of the two aircraft with seven crew in old collided and crashed into the sea. No word on why. This happened a semi heading the wrong way on an interstate slammed. Head on into a school bus carrying members of an Illinois high school girls basketball team to adults killed several students injured say state police all the students were transported to local hospitals. There are patients said Peoria as Francis and possible. And investigations underway. China's angry that a top executive at telecom giant hallway is under arrest in Canada. And may be sent to the US Mangwazu is suspected of trying to evade US limits on trade with Iran, but another subject China says this morning, you will onerous cease-fire with Washington in the trade war. Beijing says it's confident both nations can reach a trade agreement. This is AP radio news. A British parliament committee is accusing Facebook of cutting special deals with apt developers. The committee has released Facebook documents rounding internal discussions about the value of users personal information and the extent to which the tech giant sold user data to make money. Some of the documents come from an app developer that sold a search tool for photos of bikinis and sued Facebook for allegedly deceptive anti-competitive practices, the papers described Facebook as white listing certain companies like Airbnb an net flicks. Meaning they were allowed access to friends of Facebook users, even after Facebook announced it was ending that practice Facebook caused the documents misleading and says they tell only part of the story, I'm Jacky Quin. Authorities say a Florida couple quit their jobs stole a sailboat and sailed a Cuba where they were promptly arrested. They did six months in jail there. They return to Florida got arrested there and could now go to prison for years. Rita Foley, AP radio news. News Browns, point, on's or cashback or servicing. Reynaud don't do ORs. We do An's the renew Kajura with one point nine one percent VR and one thousand euro cashback and three years servicing. Saving you thousands Reynaud the brand with the ends. Visit your local Reynaud dealer. Made under her purchase agreement. Terms and conditions apply. Lending criteria. See Reynold by now is the time to visit Florida core to get that floor of your dreams. For a limited time were offering special financing for eighteen months on purchases of ninety nine or more. Choose from the largest in stock selection at guaranteed, everyday, low prices, top-quality floors rock bottom prices and credit offer to help you complete that project offer ends ten twenty one eighteenth. Visit Florida court today or Florida core dot com promotional financing available with Florida or credit card accounts offer by community capital Bank, which determines ball vacations for credit and promotional eligibility. Minimum monthly payments required. This phone drives me crazy, excuse me sprinter from sprint Sharma. New iphone ten are with an amazing liquid retina display, his amazing. If I have a few photos that color. I love this this. I I'm gonna need that back. Switch to sprint and get iphone ten are sixty four gigabytes zero dollars per month with an eligible trade in in a sprint flex lease. Visit sprint store. Sprint dot com slash iphone or call one eight hundred sprint one phone zero. Per month for eighteen months after three hundred twenty five in credit applied within two bills at the Angelilli running balanced dukes tax credit, thirty dollars conviction. Coverage overnight everywhere. Restrictions apply.

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