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On wnyc federal trade commission is investigating whether facebook violated a consent decree facebook likely had bad judgment or its culture is so oriented towards monetize data that it overrode it's better judgement more from the ftc coming up meanwhile mark zuckerberg considering testifying in the us but has turned down a request to appear before the british parliament and the syrian government closing in on the last rebel pockets in gustav forcing out thousands so where will they go we'll try to get some answers after news headlines live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs suspect connected to a suspicious package sent to federal facilities in washington dc is now in police custody npr's ryan lucas says the forty three year old man had a quarter parents today fbi agents and local police arrested the suspect in the seattle area in washington state on monday officials say the arrest was made some twelve hours after the suspicious packages began to be discovered at federal facilities and military sites in and around washington dc the fbi says the packages contained potential explosive devices and appear to all be sent by the same individual the bureau provided a corrected version of the name for the forty three year old suspect than kong fan that are authorities meanwhile say their investigation continues including to determine whether other suspicious packages were already in the mail ryan lucas npr news washington the national rifle association reportedly under investigation by the federal election commission and the fbi has made a surprising disclosure acknowledging it receives money from foreign sources now authorities are investigating whether the nra played a role in russia's attack on the two thousand sixteen election npr's to amac reports the nra those insists it did not use any foreign funds for election work senator ron wyden the top ranking democrat on the.

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