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Trump isn't welcome in the city gene guerrero of ktbs has more the protesters chanted and held a sign thing revitalize not militarize localizing their opposition to trump's visit trump plans to personally inspect the prototype through his promised wall among the speakers was congressman one vargas who promised to fight to get trump smell welcome here he would be welcome it'd be stopped racism be stopped pitting people once and for all against each other if he acted like a president it'd be had a little decency as our speakers to the wall is an expensive symbol of hate they see the existing one is ineffective because instead of stopping illegal immigration it has pushed it into dangerous areas where people have died by the hundreds each year the argue that a stronger taller wall will do the same for the california report i'm gene guerrero in san diego we're here at the senior siege report of entry this morning it is a normal morning there are no signs or mentions of president trump people are crossing from tijuana legally getting their coffee and going to work but president trump is expected to be greeted with protesters throughout the day in fact when president trump flies into l a this afternoon he'll be whisked to a republican campaign fundraiser not far from the heart of beverly hills so that's where labor leaders advocacy groups and democrats gathered last night for something of a pre party protest ahead of his visit kcrw's jenny hamill this backdrop seems tailormade for trial in shops a five star hotel tourists snapping photos of the iconic beverly hills sign except d shots also feature protest signs like stop donald trump one hundred or so people gathered to protest the president's impending arrival here's just winfield of hollywood obviously there's no trump consensus in california if you look at the popular vote from twenty sixteen defeated soundly here and i'm sure as numbers have only gone down there.

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