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Not talk radio cnn there legal analyst paul callan sought to this aren't okay we're starting a fifty around fifty scientists are in committing want answers on his controversial tax nassif percent about president trump and sent between two top fbi employees center grassley is asking for those answers by today and one of those exchanges one of the top fbi agents called then candidate trump an idiot and awful in an exchange with a top fbi lawyer our legal analyst paul callan joins me now cepal you've read through this letter came a few weeks ago from senator chuck grassley who had this year to the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein asking for a number of answers here but just talked with how legitimate you think his questions are first and then we'll dive into your off at about the broader issues here that the white house sees with the agency what do you think tall you know the i started writing this piece about uh the whole situation that was raised by uh uh grassley and originally um i was angered at the president's attacks on the fbi very very important very important originally i was angered at the president's attacks on the leadership of the fbi okay continue i was angered at the president's attacks on the fbi a thought there were unjustified but when i started to delve into the facts boy this some really disturbing stuff here i mean what grassley is talking hold it there is a really disturbing stuff here this the cnn legal analyst the fake news though should i spoke about it last hour it is all that is going on for almost a hundred years since walter terrific got a pulitzer prize for the nine that stalin was killing five billion.

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