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No brand give me the games and pro rated salaries you wanted the important bit of information to follow for Monday's developments with Major League Baseball owners players association the fact that the owners a warning to that idea I think it moves us in a direction where we all need some positivity we all need some good news I mean I don't know how you could go on be on this earth and be in this country and be in the city and I have like I'm not your stomach all weekend because I had added to the family George Floyd I had a four the police officers were interacting with the peaceful protesters were doing the right thing I have a for my guys that I know quite well a damn good cops and that goes for like ninety eight ten ninety nine percent of the police force here in New York City but I love and what they have to deal with and what unfortunately African Americans that to deal with in this country for over fifty sixty a hundred two hundred years beyond Errol up it's a total mess Chinese of the feel good about and when I'm on this air I've talked about this during the pandemic you can be therapeutic for me in many ways hopefully tonight tomorrow and they've moved forward it'll continue to be that sort of place with a laugh have a good time and then I say take our minds off things boy who use it seven sixteen here on this Monday evening it's DJ jazzy stuff you were right here on the phone at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we moving closer and closer to the start of the twenty twenty baseball season will get a call in calls a reaction but a guy knows a thing or two about being in the Players Association god knows a thing or two about trying to iron out a deal like a bloody great sieging the Caskey will join us next one physical therapy has developed a unique care first model big money with the progress of.

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