New Yorkers, Germany, Goldman Sachs Bank discussed on BBC Newshour


The foreign secretary correct his remarks in the commons mr johnson is expected to speak in the house of commons shortly the united nations has urged the saudiled military coalition to end its blockade of yemen where many people are close to starvation the coalition closed all the country land air and sea borders after yemeni rebels fired a missile at the saudi capital riyadh on saturday alan johnston has this report the saudis back yemen's government in its war with the rebel movement now with the conflict escalating they shots all its frontiers but after years of war millions of yemenis are on the verge of famine and the un's warned of catastrophic consequences if the flow of food aid is not maintained when the saudis impose their complete closure on monday they said they'd allowing humanitarian supplies but almost immediately planned un aid flights were halt did saudi arabia's crown prince had bin salman says the supply of missiles to rebels in yemen by iran could be considered an to board against his country iran has described allegations that they're involved in aggression against the kingdom as slanderous world news from the bbc this is wsb y c in new york i'm richard hake city voters are turning out to the polls to elect their new mayor and other city officials in brooklyn south park slope residents team in hobart says he's been lease with mayor de blasio's work in the last four years but he also says that new yorkers were still facing major problems that the next mayor will have to address earthy there ford rouser is a huge issue and homelessness measures huge sir i don't know the answers were for arguing people really need to wound or karma to blasios up against republican candidates nicole mallya takase new jersey voters are casting their votes today in a statewide election for governor and the legislature wnyc's nancy solomon reports on the major party candidates vying through place governor chris christie democrat phil murphy a former goldman sachs bank or an ambassador to germany is promising to bring a raft of progressive policies to the state he would tax millionaires legalize marijuana and raise the minimum wage republican kim good dino who served as christie's lieutenant governor promises to lower property taxes by finding waste and fraud in.

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