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My friend Colt McCoy is joining me to talk about his last decade. In two thousand ten he was a senior here at the University of Texas and his football team went undefeated that year in face to Alabama in the National Championship game in Pasadena. California at the Rose Bowl during that game colt was injured in the first half and never returned. His team ended up losing the biggest game of his career. So far two thousand ten he was drafted. He was also married that year in over the last decade he's been on three different. NFL teams and he and his wife. Rachel have had three children today. We look back on colts last decade. And no matter. If you're a football fan or not you you will enjoy hearing his perspective on what the last ten years has brought him and how he is manage the mountain tops and the valleys that come from playing football for a living side. Note you guys. If interstate his wife Rachel was an early guests on the happy hour. Go back and listen to her episode number seven Yes. She was a super early guest way back in the day when I just asked all my friends to come on the show with me yes. Rachel was number seven. Also this makes now the second couple where both the husband and the wife have been on the happy hour. Winter and Jonathan have both been on the happy hour. Now Rachel and Colt McCoy Super Crazy. Here is my conversation with Colt McCoy okay. Cold welcome to the special edition of the happier called your last decade. You are officially on happy hour and let me tell you cold. I don't interview Dude Dude. So this is super exciting. This is a big deal. My wife already told me she did. She feels you. She filled me in. This is a special privilege free to get to be on a happy hour with Jamie. It totally your wife has been on the happy hour so now we can say we've had both McCoy's I like it which that's not a common thing so we're doing this about we're starting to new decade it's twenty twenty now and we're looking back and saying hey what was life like in two thousand ten and that was ten years ago. Isn't it crazy. A lot has happened in your life in ten years for for sure for sure a lot. Okay so I want to go way back and I want to go back to January of two thousand ten because for anyone that's listening. That is a college alleged. Football Fan At that point in your life your plan for University of Texas it was your last year and you guys were actually playing in the national championship. So take me way back and that feels like another lifetime ago for you. I'm sure but can we talk about what it was like for you. As how old were you twenty. Three twenty two twenty two probably twenty. Yeah twenty three year old going into the biggest game at their lifetime at that point in your life. What was that like? It was crazy but at the same time. When you're in college you just don't you just don't think about what's next you're so involved in school and your football team in all your teammates are also your classmate like you've been with those same group of guys for four five years is a think what was unique about that you know now being in the NFL for the last ten years you just just think about the future? What's next you just you thought about going to class in going to play football and that that kind of kept it all in perspective but yeah going into two thousand ten in January January of two thousand ten? We made it to the National Championship game. Which I think was the goal for me personally but for all the guys and that was that was the biggest this game for for all of us we watched the two thousand five team go to the National Championship in? You're going back to the Rose Bowl where they won the national championship in two thousand five liven. Now we get to go back and try to do it again the excitement was just almost uncontrollable and it was a fun weekend in California in you know that game was definitely the kind of the climax for all of us yes earthy for me as a senior so I have a question for you on the team in two thousand five when they won the national championship. You've been ship. I was at Richard. That you're so just a redshirt. Did you get to go to the game. Yeah I was like holding clipboard. downplays the place. I had a front row seat to that so I can only imagine. Then you were what like eighteen years old then and you're looking ahead and you're seeing you know Vinca and that whole team win the National Championship. That was your I was on that prize again right. I mean I was I was eighteen. Yeah that's right I just graduated high school to maybe yeah I had I. I really had thought to myself like I am not good enough to play this game. I played football before but this is not football. This is this is professional football writing I'm small and I. I am out of place when I watched that game. But you know I I worked worked hard and got open some doors for me and you know we were back in it for years later okay. I have another question that doesn't even have to do with a decade but you just said something that made me think about this. The feelings that you feel at eighteen like watching that team play in thinking. I don't know how I got here. I'm underqualified I don't think I compete at this level. Did you experience those same commotions fast forward to you know five years later. Two thousand ten stepping into your first experience as a NFL player a little bit. Yeah I remember that feeling when I was eighteen because I remember after that game watching Vince young and our team and I think combined on that field there was like thirty something draft draft picks. Shoes you know it was. It was one of the Greatest College Football Games ever in two thousand five so I remember coming home. That offseason Vince telling me that he was going to the NFL. And I'm I'm thinking to myself well I I need to like transferred go back home and play it like Abilene Christian. I can't do what you just did. Your you're six five two hundred and thirty pounds just can run a four That's just not in my in my blood and but you know so. I had a lot of good people around me and they they push me I mentally. I was pretty strong and kept growing and again all those doors opened up. Formula was able to play for four years when you get to the NFL. It's sort of the same idea where you're playing when I remember when I first got into the NFL locker room. I was playing with guys who were thirty years old and had three kids in a fan. And I'm like these guys are. This is their job. They're putting food on the table by playing football. Oh boy I never been paid to play football in. It was still. It was still a college game to me where he just. You know you with your teammates. You just go out and play okay and hope to play good and but you quickly realize like this is way more than a game once you get to the NFL. There's politics involved of there's families involved. There's I mean it's just a it's so different it's played so differently than than it is in college in one day. Show up the guy that was in the locker right next to you could be cut and never play football again. Job Takes the stakes. Were just so so much. Higher Risk Played Bat in college. You know they might just put the next guy in. But you're not gonNA cut you know you're you're you may get benched but he's you're still on the team in the NFL. You fumble baller. Don't interception or you know you do something wrong. You get hurt you just you lose your job and you may. They never play again so that it's just a totally different sport which is so interesting to me as clearly. Just a spectator of the game obviously never played and never well but it is interesting to kind of have that mindset of these are real people on this field who have real emotions and are playing a job. I think we can forget that S. people who watch the game exactly in. Listen it's a privilege to be to have played this game for so long and I. I don't take that for granted but you're exactly right. These are these are real people with real families that still try to keep it in perspective of replaying a kid's game for a living but at the same time we all know that you're one injury away your one mistake away from getting cut in having to move on and do something else in your life and so the just every day. It's it's there's a responsibility in a in a kind of approach that's that's the way different than playing college. Which is maybe why some people just they? They're amazing in college and they just don't make it in the NFL like they. Just maybe the pressure or the stress or I don't know what the mental game that it takes is a lot harder than we ever could imagine for sure and at the same time there's just so many there's just so many factors that play into having a good career in the NFL hoosier coach. How good is the team that you get drafted to How good is the the scheme that you're running? Do guys stay healthy for that year. You know if you have a bunch of injuries. There's just so many things that factor into the NFL does a really good job of you know putting up front the faces that have played for so long. You know the Tom. Brady's the drew brees the IT. And the coaches who have kosher long time those are all the good positive stories but there's so many stories of guys who've had unbelievable college careers that when they get to the NFL. They're just they get into the wrong system. Maybe they didn't. You know fit the right system that they got into or they were injured. Whatever just not make get and it's a it's a real thing if it's a production business that's why they call it not for long addict average lifespan for players? Like a little over two hundred well. Congratulations to ten years in office. Okay I want to go back to that game In January of two thousand ten. It's the national championship. You guys I think you had an undefeated season Tell me if my research is right. I think you're you're the second most wins for quarterback in division. One still right now. Is that true a so yes okay. Good job okay. So take me back and I want to hear what you think about that. Kid that Colt McCoy that played in that game got injured and didn't get to finish the game. What do you want to say to him? Ten years later so many things This is interesting. Nobody's ever asked asked me a question with that direction.

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