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<music> welcome to the monitor daily podcast. It's monday august twelfth. Thanks for joining us. I'm klay colin and i'm sarah matuzek. Last thursday's report from the u._n.'s intergovernmental panel on climate change did more north layout the sobering scope of desertification and land degradation and the implications for feeding the world it also hinted at hope the good news is is that there's ample room for mitigation michelman professor of atmospheric science at penn state told c._n._n. One key p._c. Another say coaxing more productivity from land technological innovation will help both consumer and land use practices will need to shift worldwide. What about local action last i fall the camp fire burned more than one hundred fifty three thousand acres in northern california and erased the town of paradise. Most of its population remains displaced but as martin coups reported in may some residents emerged with renewed purpose and more recently ecosystem restoration there has become hands-on is on in pockets reports. Yes magazine. Residents are trying permaculture in its fullest form. That's an approach where native crops and animals are position to help one another thrive this self sustaining soil enriching cycle that results can dramatically boost per acre crop yields welcome. Oh come to the experiment. Matthew trim founder of the campfire restoration project tells those who have turned up to help him and already taking root in parts of paradise a constructive outlook to pass along because you're bringing the next generation into thinking about this stuff said mr trump your healing that next generation and now to our five stories including a look at u._s. guns in mexico a risky repositioning in the mideast new perspective perspective on guatemala how woodstock still reverberates and what's up with five g. r. I story security is a two way street. The cross-border movement of migrants gets more media attention in large part because of its direction. We asked our reporters to look at reactions to outbound traffic in u._s. Originating guns american guns spot from vendors in the u._s. and then smuggled illegally wrigley abroad or a fact of life across the americas but the mass shootings in el paso texas in dayton ohio this month have emboldened foreign foreign stances against lax u._s. gun laws and shifted conversations about what that means for crime and safety north and south of the u._s. border..

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