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Bystanders into vigilantes for hiring by all for higher by offering five hundred dollars to any civilian who hills, cops, wrestle down suspects who are resisting arrest I'm going to do is 'cause lawsuits. 'cause you picked him up. Put your hands on me. It's gonna be got you are not the cops. Why are you touching me the cash proposal from the sergeants, but nevertheless association is aimed at getting those who normally would be making videos at the cost to take people into custody. So they say, instead of recording us abusing citizens, how about you put your phone down and tackling abuse from citizens with us? You know they are. They gonna cover you. You get sued if we can't beat you join us. Yeah, you're gonna have a bunch of white folks. I hear Randy knocking out black folks because they think you they think you're doing some shit, just what we need more chaos in these situation. Right. Civilian pulled out a God damn going on your specimen in the states where you have a right to carry guns. When you see an officer struggling rather than take your cell phone out assisting officer, you know, receiving a water, five hundred dollars SPA president Ed Mullins told the post far too often. We see police officers engaged in violence drugs with perpetrators while members of the public standby take videoed incident. This has got to stop and hopefully this program will send a vise, good Samaritans to do the right thing. Now you're in. 'cause all types of problems. Because what happened if the person helping you in the fucking you up of fucking to do you've been trained, you have been trained. They have not what is happening here and y'all people up even what you're trying to write. So somebody untrained, suppose the fucking assist you a help you? Yeah. You, oh, you doing studying fucking lawsuits, guarantee you you somebody's going to get food. Somebody's gonna get hurt. Somebody's gonna get injured. What happened? If this person ended up quote unquote, helping it hurts a cop. What are you gonna do in I you going to cover the civilians while. Suit. If they get sued, you're going up, you student helped state Senator Martin golden. A retired Kat will introduce a new good Samaritan. A lot of ships billions from liability. If they help the cops, the Bill is still being drafted. So basically if you'd make citizens not liable who knows what they'll do, right. They'll fucking kill somebody, right? It's kind of like Stanger ground level type thing. Like, what? What does that the protect and defined? Exactly. I see police officer chasing somebody and I'm talking shoulder, tackle them into a car, and they end up getting killed. Do cannot just be like, well, hey, I'm not liable for damage to the car. I live for killing this person. I just trying to do my good job just being good Samaritan helped to police. And nobody got it on tape because you know, we always trying to the hit the purge on a motherfucker. Five hundred dollars. And what happened? If two police officers end up shooting dope on the person thinking they're assistant associate, right? All types of shit can happen here. You already noticing a lot for black people to help, but no is about catching us now got to fix. He pulled him to the ground and started holding him down. I assume there was some sort of negro salute. So I start invoking head. I didn't have time to store things out. The current good Samaritan allow does not protect is against first responders is my to introduce legislation city. That correct shortcoming. Say golden and existing law covers those who give medical aid to an ailing person without expectation of reward. But this is expectation of war, five hundred dollars. And the union will pay for awards, but it's official pro cop groups and private individuals team. They didn't give me any details about what would constitute enough help to warn and the war. Although the union noted they're grabbing and holding the suspect whom the cows are chasing would qualify. Put your book in harriett zone. That's a fucking problem. Randomly put your fucking and what happened to Depres a fucking fights you back because you're not the cops and Whoopi LA as you touching me four. So what am I going to be charged? Whooping civilians ain't had no business jumping in right now, get double charges resisting arrest from a citizen and the props..

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