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Mark Scofield our guest long ago. In the conversation. You mentioned the point about Tom Brady's dad and sort of the feeling that this is just how it has to end. But with certain quarterbacks quarterbacks in a certain level, maybe And I think I read that. Rogers is one of five players to have won three M V P awards. The other four guys all ended their careers with different teams. Rogers is the only one Manning Brady Farm and United ended up going to different teams for different reasons. Um, so it can seem like this is sort of normal. If Rogers does move it one thing that I think about so Denver didn't draft a quarterback. Maybe they're sort of leaving room for him. Carolina was the same thing. Carolina did trade for darn old previously and then gave him the fifth year option. But still like you move things around for for a player like Rogers. Mark Watson is still somebody that this has to get figured out for two and the first thing. The ongoing thing, of course, is the legal situation that he's in. And I'm not here to make a prediction about that. But well, I guess I guess I'll say something like I feel like probably he'll be suspended for some amount of time. But who knows? Just a meaningless guess. Still, though, he didn't We know he didn't want to play for Houston anymore, anyway. Probably doesn't but he plays somewhere else. I mean, I would think he's going to be in the league, and so I wonder how maybe those teams or others are still sort of proceeding here with respect to him. Yeah. Yeah, that's sort of the elephant in the corner of the room, right? Because all the weed up until this legal situation started to unravel And watching his left was the idea that look, that relationship was also fractured beyond repair. I remember saying that with you guys Couple months ago that there's no way he's coming back to Houston. And look what the Houston Texans do when they finally were on the clock In the third round. They drafted a quarterback and what do you stake? Davis Mills could be an NFL starting quarterback or not the fact that they went quarterback when they have so many needs on that roster right now. Tells you that internally. They probably think that even if watches cleared to play at some point, he's not coming back to play for Houston. So I do think it's you Mike Carolina with who is rumored to be in it to Shawn Watson mix before this went down. Yes, they drafted they traded for Sam Donald. But I don't think they can go all in on Sam Darnell's being the savior down in Carolina. I think they it's similar to the Rogers discussion. If you have an opportunity to require player after Sean Watson's talent, then you will go down that path. Obviously, teams that would be calling about to Sean watching. They're going to have to have this legal situation of the back of their mind. Does that impact his value? Can you make this trade as an organization before this is resolved? Those are some things that It was. Your decision will be made by people above my pay grade. Believe me, but I do think that the watching situation if it does get resolved, and he's allowed to return to the field water if there Certainly then Houston will look to move him because having drafted a quarterback given everything that was said prior to this legal situation unfold, and I don't see he's going. I don't see him going back to Houston. Much like I don't see Roger's going back to Green Bet. Mm hmm. So how do you see the FC? Obviously, Rogers is a is a wild card there. If he gets moved to Denver or even the Raiders have been mentioned. It changes the fortunes for those teams, but About some other teams. I mean, we'll get to the bills here eventually, what they did in the draft on what you think of that. But how about Miami? How about Cleveland? A. Zafar is like what they've done. I see them getting a lot of credit, especially for remaking their secondary. Um, feels like they might be a team to be reckoned with this year. Yeah, guys. I really like what Cleveland did. And the number of Twitter de Abs text message is text from family members saying, you know, are the Browns gonna win the Super Bowl? I mean, there's a lot of excitement about what they did this offseason. You mentioned the secondary. Greater than you know Josh Johnson, the safety, huge acquisition for them. I think they were in France last year that they had a bunch of safety, but nobody could really be that sort of middle of the field post Safety type player, and they just added that and Johnson It was a tremendous acquisition for them. They're gonna get Grant. Help it back. They had Troy Hill. And then Theo read. Continue without into the you know the draft cycle. Adam Greg News in them the northwestern corner who's more of a zone coverage job. He has the ability to click and clothes on routes to drive on place. Make disruptive place in the catch point. He's got a bit of an injury history, but That's a secondary. Now that can match up with some of the elite passing offenses that they'll see in the A F. C. Whether it's Kansas City, whether it's Buffalo that ability to sort of create mismatch create matchups on the defensive side of all that's huge for them. That out of Jeremiah will shoot, come or the linebacker from Notre Dame who they could use is a safety they could use in the slaughter. He's played all over the place. I really like what Cleveland did. No other teams that also, you know, made a good use of their draft capital over the draft. We can sure you could make a case for the Jets. You could make a case for the Dolphins. You could make a case Friday Number of teams But I really like where the Browns have put themselves over the course of both free agency and now the draft. Do you think New England is a playoff team? The big I mean, could they be? Yes. What does it come down to? Quarterback? I mean, period full stop. They made some acquisitions. We We know all about the receivers. They added the title. They added the players they're getting back. All the defensive side of the ball, but you could have all these weapons around the quarterback position. But if you can't get consistent, solid quarterback play in this league the way it's set up today. You're not going to be a successful teeth. And so whether that's Cam Newton whether it's Mack Jones that remains to be seen. I think the roster outside of quarterback is a playoff roster. But quarterback is like half the battle here in today's NFL, and if they get the same level of play from Canada they got last year. I don't think they could get into the playoffs now. Couldn't get close. Perhaps could they perhaps steal again that they might have lost last year, given the editions of talent of the other positions, perhaps, but I do think that it's really there come down to whether they can get sustained. Consistent production out of that quarterback position, and I have to see it before I buy in on it because Cam was very high variance last year, and then when you talk about dropping a rookie quarterback, and potentially that could go a couple of different ways..

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