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She goes to the people. What are you talk high be soon those people for one hundred, million dollars. You kidding me back to work the next day and she's on the documentary. Everything's fine. Her arms just daintily she has normal. She was too I felt like she was caught up in the whole thing. I don't know those. She had the arm. Tiger thinks she did it for the athletes offsets, the ratings. Similar they needed they needed. Someone to be had there are. They needed. Yes. Of course it. So you got. It you bought you parade into I bought into the fact I felt sorry for woman who got her arm bitten off and then came back to our soap opera drama gotTa hangnail about two weeks. She got her army enough although Lemme Lemme ask you that We're sitting here at the the lovely review. Journal. I've never used a sick day you. We have them if they paid me for sick days I retire right now being some beach the next ten years. I think we have them because I see them I. I wouldn't even know how to use one. Would we tell the boss? Say I got a cold Carmo I I. Don't we have sick days here, I will say. The greatest employee employer. So I assume we do. Yes. I've just as you said. It's not my benefits around the best male Jerry, their golden love the benefits at the same time. I decided would know the process of do of putting in a sector. I would have no clue maybe an email. Well, we don't see anyone anymore maybe virtually you want the campaign manager Joshua dial. Now this is more because you feel sorry from the kid was a failed campaign manager. Joe, ran for governor, and then president I think is a libertarian. What else would he run? Let's be clear. He he's not well, he did study politics in college but. Joe. Met Him. He was working at the AMMO. Counter Walmart. And I remember that. Joe Is going to be like campaign whenever you watch. Josh Lewin. Sure. I had him as the run- runner up not because of his failures but he had to watch travis Maldonado shoot his head off. So I felt so bad for like maybe this kid gets the call over the. Biting off the girl but it had to be one of those two I think that I actually looked him up last night I had a few minutes. This Joshua Dial campaign manager is now. He. He said he never watched it. He'd never watched Docu series and. He's he's in the middle of the country somewhere. He's gotten out of politics I don't know what? He was a really campaign manager and carrying presidential candidate we're talking about. She wasn't really politics. He was just part of the circus at the zoo and I love that Kid so Carol Baskin I'm sorry does not deserve. We could come up with ten people on that show before Carol Baskin deserves the spot. Well, I don't want Jeff Low on he's the worst. Yeah, he's a bad guy hit a lot going on in my old town of San Diego. A lot of money the Babysitter Yeah Zach. I'd watch don't watch if she was. Kind of played a falwell there. What's going on? There's a lot of weird a lot of weird things happening on the no surprise to anyone. Now it's less drama Joe Exotic than it is on General Hospital but at least we'll joe exotic like real I I twenty four years in I'm pretty sure G. H. IS NOT I would make that bet do you know people who watch soap operas? I think these people are real and when they're out there like, Hey, sunny I don't want anybody that watches soap operas anymore. I honestly did not know that there were still wants usually it's kind of the last one is the last last bashing of so so personally when I've ever watched. Watching me for a year and she never watched it again, and now every day she looks on, does he still watching this thing I'm like I stay up late at night and watch a with murdering general hospital she's in the bedroom You know she knows I am a mess so she doesn't come out because she knows what's on the TV but yeah, she she knows I watch it. He's embarrassed of course disgusted with me I'm sure the kids are embarrassed to Don. Yeah. Come on they did they know they barely had anything to do with me when they're at home they were on their own lives. So yeah, they were embarrassed a lot twenty nine seasons give me in your mind and I know you have a lot what TV show stayed on too long. Now, we can obviously say twenty nine seasons with this buffoonery is too long. But what I'm going to give you one, I'm GonNa tell you when you're going to probably disagree but think about it. The office was on onto long. Yes. No I mean I, know. You're saying we're saying once he left right. But at the same time it was at the time. It was so high at the top like they had to stay on the end it when he was leaving but it just I think they just got to weird. So No, Michael Scott, you still liked it. I still liked it. I don't love it like the first six seasons with him. Yeah. I can pretty much. I could name every line pretty much every the last three seasons I watched some I still watch them but I'm GonNa they weren't the same you're right it was on. The definition of being onto. But that was circumstance that was your main character leaves, and then they just tried Wade's main character after I always said eight and a half men Kushner was horrible. You can't how can you have two and a half see I didn't even know no two and a half was on for eight seasons but country was horrible because she hugging top she thought it was gonna have laughs those the average per up two and a half men and you know another another one showed that I was a pretty good show. Early is friends that lasted to the season's wasn't my thing. A. I've seen some episodes wasn't our favorite show of all time I. Think it's your. He's one of our favorites of all time should seinfeld quit after. So No. In with Seinfeld, I went to the end and I will stand first of all I will absolutely fight to the death that the finale was good although. To know now, I'm GonNa Greasy about the court when they brought everyone basketball work. No matter what they would have done it what the people would have hated about it whatever. The is good and Seinfeld had the same issue where Larry David laughed. So one of co-creator is one of the main writers guys left. So for two seasons, they were without him and it got weird if you watch the last two seasons, the episodes are really really weird but they're still hilarious like so I I don't think that's too long at all I was Oh, the easiest one ever is actually funny enough me and Larry were just talking about it just before we came on here how I met your mother. There's a reason that it was on duty, Hauser? Kit. Yeah which so what happened with that show? I don't know how many people know the history of it was an amazing show but it was planned Alec they sat down before the show started and they planned out every season. This is how it's going to start going to go here here here here, and this is the last season, and then as they got to the last season, it was still the number one show and CBS like you need to do another season like no, the show the show is already planned. It's a preplanned ends now this is it. No you have to do another season. So the last season. A wedding weekend all in one season and it was it was shoehorned in because they already had the arc of the story and they're like, well, how do we make another season and it sucked? It was so bad terrible. So I would say that one stayed on for too long and then the other one is much as I. Love It. I think the simpsons is still on it is. I. Think in my good as I've watched it in a while. Watch it I. Love. The Simpsons must be watching it I liked. Caesar. Eleven. season. With. Modern. Family. I like it on Neil knee tended to have really hot people on that show sure that the to wise forget about it. modern family was ten seasons like that. I'm six seasons into how to get away with murder. Many seasons is that six I've got about ten Seville's left also. It's not a classic I'm GonNa Throw another one in.

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