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It's normally you get the wind things down as you head towards the weekend. We're kind of winding things up. You get CPAC. I got confirmation hearings going on in Washington, D C. Those air going well. And Mark Walker helping us break it down. Joining us this morning. How you doing this this'll? Fine day, sir. They say I'm doing great man. I hope that you're hanging in there. You know, I'm doing my thing. The audience knows I'm literally down in Costa Rica staying warm by. I am Ted Cruz. So, um, but I'm gonna Well not listen to this here later on if I want to come back or not, I guess I don't know, man. A Zhar. Did you work in a zoo? Great job, as you do is keep in North Koreans, uh, informed. I don't think most of us have a problem. If you don't in Costa Rica today, you still working? Yeah, And I'm working an hour ahead. So that's always fun with the now we're behind with the early morning alarm. All right, let me get on to this because you don't d c man d c is going to d. C. I gotta ask you They got confirmation hearings going on. Obviously, this is, you know it's a senatorial process, but they're also doing some house hearings, one of which yesterday was The hearing on disinformation. Basically, let's see who chairs this. It's big journey and how you say your name issue and the issue. Yes. So you got it. So, yes. So they bring on Soledad O'Brien, the former CNN Acres so she can speak critically of others in the media for disinformation. This woman is walking disinformation. She was a huge proponent of the Russian collusion and a variety of other things. I got to ask myself. You've sat in these hearings before. And you look at the witness list and being that you guys were not the majority power at the time Whos the whats the dumbest person, not person per se, but the worst example of somebody brought in to testify as an expert where you just roll your eyes when you saw it. I think the one that immediately jumps out at me and this and no preparation you you hit move this question, but the one that jumps out at me most was the Southern Poverty Law Center. Trying to make out the family Research Council as a Zaid domestic terrorists hate group. That was that was the most interesting one that really jumped out. That was completely after nine. The these hearings are our joke because they're all 19 committees air chaired by Democrats. And you know Republicans, sometimes trying to play nice they when they were in charge. Would do 50 50 on the witnesses. Sometimes the Democrats like Benny Thompson on Homeland Security, they won't even allow a single independent or Republican witness. It's all left leaning and for sure there, Brian Listen, when you're too progressive, that CNN has to let you go. There might be a problem. Well, it's just I sit there and I go. What are we hoping to accomplish? And what we did see is we saw a letter that was sent to cable providers and streamers, essentially demanding that they answer for the high crime mark of Running Fox News on their cable packages as well is away, and I believe in Newsmax. This is where this is chilling stuff. Killing stuff because the left knows now. They're progressive agenda by itself is not going to be accepted by the bulk of American people, so it needs an action step with it. That action step is to eradicate or silence any kind of independent or conservative, critical thinking skills that would present an option from big socialist government. And that's the scary part because corporate America Is now signing up for this joke to be able to silence of where this Fox News, Newsmax, Bowie and other conservative ethic times a lot of lot of good sources out there. But only hearings. I don't want to skip past Xavier Becerra, either. Who I'm coming back to this. I'm coming. Go ahead with this because that exchange yesterday with men with Ben Sasse. Phenomenal. We're assault was sticking on the house side for just a moment. But let's let's head over to the Senate Side. Two on day was gonna go Neera Tanden. But if you want to start here, so the Xavier Becerra, who is the agent for the State of California, who literally was filing the lawsuit. That we're continuing to go after the system with the set the what is the sisters of the poor Little sisters of the poor? These were the group of nuns who didn't want to have to purchase Birth control for obvious reasons for their for their order and were part and parcel of some big lawsuits. Ben Sasse was Berlin but Sarah yesterday and be Sarah said, Well, I didn't sue them. I sued the federal government explain why explain why this is such that is such a Bs answer, please. Well, yes, in it is completely fraudulent. Because if you look you don't have to have a lot of greed. I used to say I'm not a lawyer. Trigati would tell me to stop bragging. But you don't need a law degree. To be able to see specifically his intentions were to go after any religious or non profit organization who pushed back on some of these. Some of these portions and parts of what was the CIA, or we know is obamacare. My biggest agree. Just move on. His part was when he said, We need to find common ground on partial birth abortion. So it's the last night my wife, family nurse practitioner She broke it down for our youngest daughter who's a nice operator, because we hear the term partial birth abortion. It's kind of a political terminology, but but basically for your audience, and this is a bit graphic, but I think it needs to be shared every now and then this procedure. Literally pulls a living baby eat first out of the womb and into the birth canal Except for the baby's head, then that head is left inside with a base of the school is then punctured by a sharp instrument. After the brain is suctioned out with another instrument. The skull is collapsed in the baby is then delivered dead. And Mr Becerra wants us to find common ground in this area. I have been ticked about this for the last two days for this guy to be the HHS. The human services secretary. It is absolutely preposterous. I think, Do you think he'll get through? I think you will. I think he's going to get through. I think we've you know it was already I was surprised Merrick Garland, who would not commit moving forward, or at least not stopping the Durham investigation that got through it. And some of her own senators passed him through s. Oh, yeah. If this was that she was on the other foot of you wouldn't get a single Democrat Senate to vote. But once again, some of our guys just like, well, let's play nice here. And I think it's gonna be a detriment to have some of these people in these cabinet positions. Well, the Merrick Garland thing to your point about where you know it's extend the olive branch and often it's never extended back. I think that some of that was about what happened with his his nomination. I think that they somehow thought, Well, look down look like a nice guy here, and I don't hate Mary Garland. Even though you know, we we didn't get him nominated the spring quarter or and yeah, that looks like I could live with that. Casey if there was a single historical precedent that by extending the olive branch to some of these elitist is ever returned as a favor, it never is. We go back to George H. W. Bush. No new taxes, he said. Well, let's extend an olive branch. How'd that work out for him? This is constant..

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