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Omer. Their dragons are misunderstood race. So. Can't wait till March verse twenty nineteen. We can say our goodbyes to toothless and all the other dragons and no more how to train your dragon. No, correct. Let's see. Boy toy. We still waiting for the captain marvel teaser tomorrow. Yep, yes. We are boy. Captain marvel looking really good. She is she you've seen. She's going to be part of the crease scroll war. Obviously she's with star force for the cre- they kind of the creed don't know they, they like to experiment with humans, and that's how they invented the in humans g. is a very powerful character, and a lot of people are betting. She'll be the one that comes back and puts the smackdown on. Enos we'll we'll see. Okay. The primetime EMMY award seventieth annual Emmys believe that comes out tonight yet tonight. See eight PM eastern five Pacific. This. I'm getting more interested in this. I'm starting to watch more the. There's a lot better TV shows out now. I believe I wanna see game of thrones and west world how well they do along with other new comes cover, shows like glow, low, a big surprise, seasons, one, two. So if you're going watch the Emmys like I am tonight. You know what? Time six, six PM eastern and three PM Pacific us the red carpet start time. So if you wanna see all the celebrities come through on the red carpet, you gotta watch a little earlier or pizza six-pack, bear in wash the Emmys and watch Westworld and game of thrones battle it out for the most wards. Let's JIMBO over to comics. Now we have Batman, number fifty, five. They'll double nickel. They are bringing back a very one of my favorite Batman villains. KGB st- KGB's is. He is probably one of the only ones who came close to outmanoeuvring, Batman. In fact, he did out maneuver Melillo bit a few times. KGB's has. He's not going away. I mean, he's been in a few a lot episodes of EROs, specially the earlier ones and it totally can Nyas f, I think I'm pronouncing it right. KGB's was an aero. He was if you're paying attention, he was also in Batman versus superman, Donna Justice. Yeah, I don't know if you guys caught that that namedrop when lex Luther had Lois lane and Martha Kent kidnap. Yeah, that was totally in his guys, the KGB's so they they have been using them here and there. He's not been central since ten nights of the beast. You know, supposedly, they let up in the air. It was looted that Batman and left him trapped in a room down in the sewers of Gotham to die. But then they kind of went back later, read conned a little bit, and you know, as all what he had called the police to come and pick him up, don't believe that because the main reason he didn't want to turn him in the first place is he knew that he would be returned to Russia and that nothing would happen to me. It would just walk free. So I'm not buying. They just didn't want back man to look like a crazy murder, leaving the guy. They're just, you know, little Wayne die. I, I'm not buying that was a bad bed recon anyway. Anyway, he's out and Italy did get out. He is coming back to Gotham. They have a few preview pages here and he's coming back into the US Gotham of course, under a fake passport, you kinda know it's him. When you see the face, it looks a little later, but then you see his hook arm. If your member rate in. Tonight's, the bee's he was about to escape in Batman, used the the rope, the lab, his bat, LASSO, where you work all caught him around the arm. And was you know, had in caught hanging off of building instead of being caught KGB's driven, axe cut his arm off. So now he has a Cybernet. He had his arm arm now is just a hook. He's back in Gotham, MS Suming to Rick little havoc on Batman, maybe some revenge or maybe he just got hired to do something in Gotham. We will find out like KGB's do if you get a chance to the DC streaming service, you can probably go back in read ten nights of the beast. If you don't wanna go out and buy the singles, I'm sure it's out in trade paperback, great story, great character do a little. Even if you just going a PDF and read about KGB's lease, you'll have a little background on him before his big appearance in Batman number fifty, five. We have a world

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