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Just things that the enke's front office opted not to do for whatever reason and then put put their backs up against the wall to gary cole. Eighty-five million more dollars in the next the next highest contract and there's going to be expectations come at the contract. That's also might be with it too is because you know you're paying this guy all this money you know. The fan base is going to be holding them accountable. Just based on the dollar. Sign the that that you've given to him The the problems don't aren't entirely with his performance. It's just when we need certain performances. We don't get them. And then when you look at garrett cole and the amount of money were paying him it doesn't really compare like jacob degrom. In my opinion there's the gap between jacob degrom and garrick goal is i it's indescribable. Not the same. Not even it's not even more and that's what troubles may because that. You can't have that disparity between the supposed picturing in the league and and your ace if you wanna be a world series contender if you're ace is the highest paid pitcher. So that's where my frustration lies. My frustrations are not with a great pitcher. Also nice guy. So i enjoy having them on my team. It is continually sad and mets fans really needs to drop the coal versus degrom thing because we never wanted them whenever you thought it was a thing. No it's not close. No yankee fan thinks it's closed fantozzi. What's crazy but it's also it wasn't ridiculous for like mlb's graphics department when the whole two hundred twenty five million dollar deal to be like. Hey who's the as the or jacob degrom or this extremely expensive i on the really popular yankees and then you know what the answer is. It's great today like it's not insane like none of it's crazy..

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